SimpliSafe review: Our favorite security system finally looks the part

Our Editors’ Choice Award-winning home security system features a better-looking design and all of the same protections at no additional cost.

SimpliSafe’s terrific security system finally looks the part:

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Vjosesa Cabello says:


Playa Fly says:


Vic says:

Any recommendations for a similar system that is better?

upsettuh says:


Anthony Durant says:

Can you connect the August home lock with it? Pretty interested in this you may of won a new customer here.

Sheepdog says:

Simplisafe has become a communist company. Their newest system is old compared to others out there. I went with Livewatch. Cheaper and the technology is way better

VR Geek says:

I didn’t realize how many windows I had until I ordered my system today. $536 order lol Still cheaper than ADT’s / Comcast’s contracts and equipment.

Will Hernandez says:

i need this

jon lee says:

Amex platinum card members.. 100 dollars back when spending over 500. Click the link through the amex website

Drew T says:

Ugly as hell lol

Natan says:

Glass break works on air pressure in a house u cant break glass outside near the device lol

Daniel Fernandez says:

Trash system

Dylan Dyer says:

Vivint is the best home security

MattBatFilms says:

I love this system!!!

rjmidnite says:

Fk simply safe they went against the NRA that’s cool if you don’t like something but pollitcs. don’t belong in security sales so what’s next they don’t like just sell your system so if I own Amazon and I don’t like liberal organization I just ban them or punish them this is crazy and terroustic and bullying I went with life shield $370.00 half the price had about 1 month and so far so good I really like it and I’m not getting descriminated against for any of my views no one should even if u don’t like it

LonelySquad says:


J Harting says:

The new ring products coming out in a few months WILL blow this away…

Andy Huynh says:

Terrible system probably not even ul listed

jbt says:

Google assistant please

Dennis Goebelt says:

Of course when you’re out of town and it drops signal and needs to be reset, you’re screwed. I wasted 500 bucks on this

Llano Estacado says:

The one I ordered did not work. Besides it all made in China. Now they are against the NRA !

keye keye says:

Was thinking of ordering one last couple days now watching this

Clayton King says:

If your pro second amendment don’t give this company your money.

Shaniqua Davis says:

Cheap equipment, cheap service, you get what u pay for. Junk. Id choose ADT over any system hands down. Better equipment so of course its gonna cost more. Pluse they have 10 monitoring staions vs Simpli Safes 1. Im good.

Maksym Bukhar says:

Poor motion sensors, the system is too DIY, not reliable for safety and security.

Chinmay H says:

Access to self monitor via their app with no monthly fees would have made this an obvious choice.

Terebrate says:

Good luck getting Simpli Safe customer service to fix any issues that will arise. The text and email alerts to your phone or computer may or MAY NOT actually arrive, which makes it rather worthless if you’re hoping for confirmation that your system is actually “armed” after you’ve gone out of the house. The website where you manage your account is a clusterf@ck too. Put your money on a system that actually works as advertised, not this half-ass garbage.

Hasib Imam says:


Ryan V says:

“Works well but looked ugly as hell.” That reminds me of the Ecobee Thermostat.

Default _ says:

The fact that its a monthly subscription is an automatic, do not buy. Like nest and their monthly sub for each camera. Not worth.

Silver Crypto says:

Paid review?

Ethan Borden says:

Interesting, Cnet never mentioned Homekit. SimpliSafe as publicly said it’s coming, tho with Cnet not mentioning it, im curious.

fernando polanco says:

does the system record voice? or sounds?

goosecouple says:

Avoid if against the NRA.

Jesse James says:

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about how easy it is to bypass the sensors with magnets ???

choobplaya says:

looks like the guy hasn’t slept in years

Stephen Phillips says:

Does it work with Alexa?

FastLikeUNO says:

Id pay $0 a month for security monitoring, the end…

Jade says:

hey guys, whats some options that don’t involve monthly contracts?

lovely raging says:

I love it

Plant Based says:

They should offer paint color match, white is so ugly.

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