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Companies around the globe have taken your traditional home appliances – locks, thermostats, and lights and turned them into smart connected devices. Meaning, you can not only access them remotely on your phone, tablet, or computer, but also that they’re more than just lock or a light, they’ve got integrated functions. So a light can be an alarm, a thermostat can be a smoke detector, or a lock can be an entry device, not just a security device.

First is the Maximus Smart Security Light. Beyond being just an aesthetic, decorative light the Maximus is a smart light – Meaning it can be controlled remotely, set on a timer, and be motion-activated. We’ve seen that before but what makes this guy unique is its built-in security system. The built-in HD camera starts recording when it detects motion. Once it detects someone you receive a notification on your phone or tablet through their app so you’re always able to keep an eye on your home. The Maximus comes in four different designs with more coming soon, including a companion light. You can purchase the Maximus light at for $199. Check out today to learn more.

Smart locks are pretty interesting gadgets because they allow you to ditch the key and secure your home with a touchpad or in some instances your phone. One that’s ranked at the top of the list is the Yale Security YRD240. It’s a slick looking hard acrylic touchscreen keypad lock that runs on 4 double-A batteries. It’s a very good looking and cool addition to a smart home – you can find this guy for around $167 on amazon.

The Nest thermostat – a product that’s owned by google now – has changed how we monitor and control the temperature of our house. Their latest generation is still helping people save money on their energy bills and is most effective at learning your heat and cooling patterns – so if you like it cool at night and turned off during the day, you set it a few times the first week of owning it, and then suddenly it learns how you act and does it automatically. It can also connect to your Nest Protect – a smoke detector – and your dropcam for security purposes. The nest is available on for $249.

So there you have it, three cool gadgets you can easily install in your home to make it a completely connected home for around $600.


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