Strike Plate – Burglar proofing Your Home With The Ultimate Door Strike Plate

Burglar Proof Door Lock Strike Plate Installation –

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Strike Plate Alternative – Door Reinforcement Lock (easy to install)

Flip Guard – Deadbolt Lock Security (very easy to install)


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Tip: Did you know that in the United States a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds!
takes 30 min of your time, and give to your door a boost of security that never had before.

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Burglar-proofing your home with the Ultimate Strike Plate.
Over the years the number of home burglaries have been on the rise. Burglars have become more sophisticated. Anyone can easily gain access to your home by forcefully kicking the door. Thus you can no longer just rely on just the locks on your door to keep your house safe. This has created a need for more strong security measures. There have been various solutions offered in the market towards mitigating this problem. However, most of these methods can be easily overcome. In a report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that most of the home break-ins are caused by burglars who kick in doors. Most solutions in the market involve the traditional deadbolt systems which are still vulnerable to kicks by burglars. This has created a need for more advanced security measures to be taken to safeguard your home. This is where new inventions like the door frame reinforcement strike plate come in.
How Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement Works
This involves the strengthening of doors and hinges such that they are resistant to kick-ins by burglars. A good door frame reinforcement product should be able to strengthen the soft wood door into an impenetrable barrier. This can be done by placing a steel plate on the door frame and reinforcing it with long steel screws which bite into the wall studs surrounding the door frames. Then This reinforces both the casing and the door hinges.

The door strike plate system apart from just providing security can be tweaked so as to allow it to be painted. This enables the homeowner to match the reinforcement system with the color of the house. The system can be installed quickly, and there is no need to cut or remove the door casing. The system is adjustable to fit the door frames of various types of doors including double entry doors and doors with side lights. This security system has been installed across many homes without any reports of the doors being breached by burglars. The homes have been across the country ranging from crime-prone areas to areas with low crime levels.

Other benefits of the reinforcement strike plate
The cost of the reinforcement system is a good bargain given that it almost offers you a lifetime of protection since the plates and the nails are made of stainless steel which does not rust. There are also no maintenance services needed, thus no extra costs associated with the system. The system is so good such that you do not need to buy extra locks. Apart from reinforcing the door the security system also repairs any damaged doors and strengthens broken door frames. This eliminates the possibility of future damage to the door. Whatever option you may want to go for depends on what you really want for your security.
Making your home secure is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The only sure fire way to burglar proof your home is to use the door frame and hinge reinforcement strike plate. This removes the fear of burglars forcefully gaining access into your home.

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Jon Iwanyszyn says:

Too bad we all have windows.

Ray Mosher says:

Kind of skips over safety….Where the heck are your safety glasses, fool?

shocktrauma85 says:

This video was very helpful to me considering that I live on the edge of a relatively high-crime neighborhood. Thank you.

Jay Sin says:

cheap shit and too expensive

Steve Saalman says:

Alarms are worthless and only as good as the average response time by police, which is about 20 minutes. Why give them 20 minutes to ransack your home? This lock stops burglars cold in their tracks. It will prevent burglaries and home invasions. It’s all you need to stop criminals from breaking in. It even works with “Smart Lock”.

jay stew says:

Thank you, I just learned the best way to completely complicate installing a piece of 25 cent steel to my door jam.
thank you

mitropoulosilias says:

that door have nothing to do with “sefety”…

Kira Sao says:

I stopped taking this video seriously once the drilling over a tile floor started.

garry ibbetson says:

I Like how he drilled in to the tile floor

Brian Triller says:

Liked and subscribed just because you had close captions. You would be surprised about how many videos don’t have any close captions, and as someone who doesn’t have the best hearing, I appreciate it.

Jaden Zania says:

thank you for the tips! my friend actually had a burglar in their house so I told them to watch this video

Barkity Bark says:

Most of the screws sold today are cheap pot metal which will just snap right off no matter how long they are. Who sells high-strength screws? Even longer than 3″?

Alphonso says:

Why go through all the trouble of strengthening your doors when your house is full of highly vulnerable windows? A lot easier and much less noise.

sa Ba says:

I got burgled before. That is the worst feeling ever. Thanks for the information and helpful advices.

W Frisby says:

Thanks for the wonderful information. Your videos are always informative, entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

rockethead555 says:

strange acent r u russian?

Griffin Malone says:

Great video, very helpful.

Elleah Derksen says:

Thank you for sharing this information!

drew todd says:

guarantee this is junk, look at this guy! what a fucking tool.

Gloria Lynn Jackson says:

Great video but I would have liked to see a demonstration of how it works

Jeff mann says:

This is a great video .There has been a rash of burglaries in the area and I’ve been looking at adding more security measures

To ishome says:

I guess i will be needing to re tile my house after you are done installing

Yu Lo says:

is your wooden?

Shane Martinez says:

Very informative video. Thanks!

Uicnow Social says:

Another great video, good detail on installation.

jay stew says:

if you would like you can contact me for 1500.00 to install this on your house

Son Jonathon says:

Thank you so much for this instructional video! It is very helpful indeed!!!

The Bloop Sound says:

Be sure to secure your Doors of perception too.

etm mt says:

Thanks for this vid. Just recently someone has (tried) to kick my door in, and this looks fairly easy to do, so I’m definitely putting this new plate in. The only thing is, around the door knob bolt on the door is badly cracked, and I really would like to know how to reinforce it.

Allan Johnson says:

I would only recommend one change from what you said in the video. If your house is newer your front and other exterior doors all have double studs ( two 2×4’s) which equals 4″ of stud depth. Your door frame has 1″ depth. So in total there is 5″ of depth that you can screw into at the hinges.

Use 4″ deck screws instead of 3″. With 4″ deck screws they will go completely through the door frame, thru the first stud, and halfway into the second stud!

3″ screws won’t reach into the second stud at all. Those could be used on the hinge that connects to the door, but use 4″ for the hinge that attaches to the door frame.

Nice video otherwise.

Brian says:

I don’t fully understand the purpose of the kit pieces installed above and below the center strike plate section. Once the door and wall side of the hinges and strike plate are secure that should be all that’s needed to hold the door. The rest is dependent on the door material and lock.

Tori lucas says:

Great Video!! I learned alot!

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Great video! Thanks! Subbed.

Vitalia De Novelle says:

Good information and nice training, but watch out your fingers while drilling 🙂

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I think this video was very informative & helpful

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I can’t believe you drilled that right on the tile! You didn’t say anything about marking the holes for drilling.

Anguinus Vir says:

this idiot thought you had to drill those push out plugs. lol. hahhahah.

Juliet C says:

cool, thanks for this because I was getting confused trying to do this and you made it make sense for me

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hes the burgler

josh lett says:

He has to be pretending. No one can be in business for 6 year and be that dense.

Trevor Hutcheson says:

the plate that goes over the latch is a really good one to have if you can get it to fit when the door shuts because if you don’t have a deadbolt or forgot to lock the one you have, all a person needs to do it is jam a flathead screwdriver in between the door and the frame near the doorknob and pry while ramming the door with their shoulder. thats how people broke into my house, i still don’t feel like my stuff is safe while im not home

amberbear2000 says:

Awesome information thank you so much!

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