Top Rated Door Deadbolt Lock Reviews How to Choose a Deadbolt lock For your Door.

Top Rated Door Deadbolt Lock Reviews. A look at what locks offer what level of protection agents attack Like Lock Picking, Bumping Drilling Prying and smashing. You get what you pay for so spend your $ money wisely.
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David Young says:

Like your honest review on these different verity of dead bolt brands.

Mari Squire says:

Too much information, just say the best one!

frankie2234 says:

I think what we need is a strong door to support these locks.  We need a steel door review or a national standard for a very strong commercial type door we could pretty up.

JB says:

I have primus bump keys, I haven’t tried them yet. I need a lock lol

Kris Ryan says:

What do you know about the magnetic deadbolts? (MIWA) I just spent quite a bit on high end magnetic deadbolts that do not have pins. Key is very different looking….flat….no groves. Locksmith assured me they can’t be picked or bumped due to no pins. I’m sure they can be beat somehow as ultimately everything is, but hopefully we got something that makes it really difficult.

David Field says:

These videos have been incredibly helpful. Thank you.

hansonsux says:

You look stupid in the thumbs. Just let youtube display a video frame.

Dan Johnson says:

Where do people get the Assa and Multilock systems?  I am not in your area, so a better national supplier is what I’m looking for.

Wayne Winton says:

Visit For More tips and tricks for the Locksmith Industry

Papa Gleb says:

Awesome vid Wayne. Thx for the info.

Stacy Sundown-Kiene says:

So which one is recommended at the best?

Peter M says:

As an amateur lock picker I found your review a really an honest assessment. I should point out that the viewers should only buy these locks through a professional locksmith such as your business. Buying a high security lock on line is from an unknown entity can be a regrettable thing; my neighbor can attest to that! The seller had used his ship to address to visit his home while he was on vacation.

Cayenne Pepper says:

You have some very nice locks on the left side. I want get one for my house when I get one.

Fer Morfin says:

great vídeo! you covered most deadbolts with a great explanation. thanks for sharing

Adams says:

Can the ASSA lock be impressioned?

Alexandrebf9 says:

Does the Schlage B60N have a harden pen ??

Olivier Cauffopé says:

what about the Abloy Protec2 deadbolt

TheNumberOne Page says:

You gave the top right a mark for drilling through the screws and then you said it couldn’t be drilled through the screws. Then you crossed through three tallies on the middle two on the right. Just nitpicking, sorry.

Great video otherwise, very informative. Maybe you could post a list in the description of each lock in this video with its score.

conner stines says:

I’m going with a Corbin Russwin DL3000 with a Pyramid cylinder for my door. Your thoughts? It’s got a zinc bolt with a steel pin, but i’m skeptical of whether or not a zinc bolt is a problem. My city uses DL3000s in all the city buildings, and i have yet to see any wear beyond what a steel bolt would experience, or other problems, in high-traffic areas. Most kick ins I’ve seen killed the door, or door frame and not the bolt, even with zinc or brass bolts. The DL3000 uses mortise cylinders and a very different design from most deadbolts, so there’s no direct access to the lock mechanism or screws by drilling or an ice pick.


Can the SCHLAGE “B60N V 619” be bumped ? If so, is this rather easy for one to do, as I bought it only because of the “G!” rating they had, although I was thinking that I should have waited for a Primus. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer me. 🙂

Michael says:

I’ve always trusted schlage since that was what we had when I lived at home. I have installed a schlage at my apartment and there are signs that someone tried to pick it but they couldn’t. We are moving again soon and I plan to install the same schlage deadbolt I had before

JRLM says:

you can’t pick an abloy protec2..

M C says:

why do you choice not to put abloy in your videos a true abloy

Garnik Gharibyan says:

Hi Wayne, will you share exact models on left-top three candidates? Tried to e-mail but got failure

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

james lane says:

Great video and thanks for it. Where is the list of these locks. I pick up the names of “ASSA” “Medeco” “”and “MUL T LOCK” .

JB says:

I have some primus bump keys

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