Ultimate Door Security – EZArmor Installation Door Reinforcement Kit Review

Most intruders will attempt to enter your home through a door. A locked door is a solid starting point but isn’t enough to resist a kick-in. One company attempting to secure your front door is Armor Concepts.The products by Armor Concepts work to reinforce the weak points of a door including the jamb, lock area, and hinges. Armor Concepts makes three products to protect exterior doors including the EZ Armor Combo Set, the FIX-A-JAMB II, and the Universal Door Jamb Armor Combo Set.

Read our full hands-on review of the EZ Armor Combo Kit: http://wp.me/p47gay-1Ku.

The kit includes Door Frame, Hinge, and Door Jamb Reinforcement.
Actual installation takes about 20 minutes, but we sped this video up to 3 minutes (ecause otherwise it would have been boring). The Door Armor using the EZArmor combo kit is comparable to the Strickemaster .


Robert Gillespie says:


Chase023 says:

No one mentions there is a Cockroach on the sidelite…LOL By the way are the 3 1/2″ screws too long for the hinge side with the sidelite?

Mike Bless says:

This door has a weather stripping ( Q-lon) that allows for the additional space of adding this product. Many other common weather strippings would most likely require 1 of 3 types of modifications to the weatherstripping. Mike LidoGates.com


Get rid of the door windows also.

Kenneth B. says:

Your my weakest point in my door because I’ll open my door for you every time! 😀

Ken Lackner says:

Door sheild part of video is too dark and I can see the orientation of the door sheild, so those instructions are useless.

leopheard says:

she’s beautiful

jim S says:

really a door with a side lite ?? I must stop here. I suggest to check out some additional security suggestions.

Jay Triplett says:

She’s cute, but I always like when girls do this kinda stuff.

dark1000rr44615 says:

some one could break the glass and unlock that door

Lok Tom says:

Some doors were already too tight . Figure that out if it’s worth to tackle before mess around with your door with this kit.

NBA 2k18 Tips says:

it would have been a lot more interesting if she did the commentating in the nude

dv7 sun says:

wow… this girl….

Blonde SnoopDogg says:

can’t see what you did with the hinge guards because they’re black and under low light….

Enforcer says:

Rose, nice video, I’d be more than happy give you some “drilling lessons”, if you’d like them

Tunghoi Lam says:

What type of door is unsuitable for this product ? Are there other things to consider before installing this product ? I like this product, pity we don’t have this in Oz.

TechnoNewsNow TNN says:


stryker4750 says:

how the fuck am i suposed to understand when all i do is imagin myself rekking that girl inside out till i die

anonymoustruth3 says:

this video is dark and no one can see half of what you are showing. by the way get a nightlock to add some security for when you are at home

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