What makes a lock high security? The Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt

In the second part of the “How To Harden Doors” series (missed the first part? https://goo.gl/eYLCge ), we take a look at the Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt. There are many different locks, from many different manufacturer’s, at many different price ranges. The Mul-T-Lock employs just about every security measure possible and we contrast these to what you might find in lesser expensive locks.

In this video we talked about a number of things-
Security 101- https://goo.gl/4gjQAM
How To Harden Doors with Door Armor- https://goo.gl/eYLCge
Mul-T-Lock Dealer Contact Form- http://goo.gl/BQfo7x
Buy a Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt Online(I haven’t done this, can’t comment on the experience)- http://goo.gl/LCm2tA

A very special thanks to Kel over at Roger and Son’s Locksmith for going over the ins and outs of the Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt. If you are in Northwest Indiana and are looking for a good locksmith, check them out- http://goo.gl/ydSAiQ


Ajax Dan Bro says:

that person who hit the thumbs down obviously doesn’t care if they get home invaded

InDirective says:

Very well produced video. Very helpful info on why this type of lock is more secure. Thank you.

Noam Yogev says:

the best video I ever watch on the multlock! thank you!

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

I use Mul-T-Lock padlocks on my storage unit.

They’re good locks.

Medeco and Abloy make good locks too.

Ken Mason says:

Thank you very much for that informative video, I’m so glad I came across it. I’m starting a security business, and looking for some ideas on on improved products. This is definitely one of them. Thanks again.

Michael Young says:

Thank you!!!

Mn Nm says:

VERY well done & VERY educational.

c wolf says:

off topic question for you… What kind of clock do you have rotating in the background that looks similar to nixie tubes? Thanks

JesusChristNeverLived says:

North Korea has just been nuked by India! It’s on the news right now!

Chaos_Gaming says:

This is so cool

Cher Weaver says:


Mhc says:

Seems like a shill video

Barry Justice says:

TinHatRanch, thank you for the informative and extremely well done videos on home security. I have followed several of the security tips you have provided in your other videos. Particularly, the idea of creating an intermediate barrier between you and a home invader.

I have also, hardened my bedroom door and created a safe room off the rec room (where I spend the most time). High Security locks are very important for both deterrence and delay.

You are correct in pointing out that an person cannot keep a determined intruder out of their premises. All we can do is delay them long enough to implement our response plan. Thanks for addressing such an important topic.

Doom says:

“That is a really nice lock, guess ill just go through one of the windows” -Shitbird Burglar

Hail fellow Hoosier.

cl m says:

Great vids, but the bums are just gonna take the path of least resistance e.g. that window protected by all of 1/8 sheet of glass. Boom, they’re in. What do you recommend for windows without making our house look like one from ‘Boyz N The Hood’ ? Bars aren’t attractive. 🙂

sprocket580 says:

Having installed hundreds of doors the problem lies in the weakening of the door through the void created for the lock(s) Double doors are the weakest. If someone wants to secure they’re door the best way is to install metal brackets that will hold a 2×4 much like you see on the old cowboy  movies where they slip the board over the bracket across the door(s) of the fort. A 2×4 a couple of feet from the top and bottom will stop a great deal of force , way more then any lock. The brackets might not be attractive but it works.

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

And that ball bearing inside that deadbolt to resist pry attacks is an awesome feature!

Shazia Riaz Khan says:

Bilock is better or this lock is better?

badmotorscooter H says:

I don’t care how good the deadbolt is, the weak spot will always be the door frame.

slidebof says:

Good info!

Jeff Lowe says:

One additional way for my rental I use is altering the swinging of the door. outer door swings left inner dead bolted door swings right. it also hinders the easy kick to the dead bolt. anyone thoughts on this

Mike Albert says:

Wow amazing infonty

richz650 says:

Absolutely amazing video. Keep up the good work, I appreciate all the work you do for us subscribers

sunnylandcamper says:

I did doors for several years and this is a good lock but as with any lock they are just there to keep the honest -honest…..there is a will there is a way……I myself can get through most doors in seconds. But here is some great products out there that will slow if not stop an intruder the best being a Gate and steel beams in your walls….

M C says:

abloy is king

blizzak454 says:

what’s higher security….this or something like an abloy protec2?

Custom Southern Arms says:

All locks are pickable? try & pick an ABLOY…..

Nicholas Laibinis says:

I try it and it doesn’t work

Caleb S says:

Ok, so my door is now a tank, no normal person is going to get through the door. If I was breaking in I would just go to plan B… the window. how do you, realistically, secure your windows?

Ajax Dan Bro says:

anyone using a RTL 1090 ,I would be interested to hear if they have seen chemtrails and then looked on their monitor to see what aircraft’s transponder is actually displaying

J DeLuca says:

Multi lock is garbage. Even this. I just want to chop it off and make Guaca-mole-ie!!

jdhbulseye says:

Through my windows and door is an extremely vicious looking and sounding 60 lb German Shepherd. When she knows someone is at the door she sounds like she is ready for war and just cant wait to rip someones throat out. While this could be defeated by a very determined burglar with a gun they would have to be pretty dead set on robbing my particular home. She knows when a car pulls up. She knows when the UPS truck or the postman’s truck pulls up. She even knows when someone has simply walked up to the door and hasn’t yet knocked. She is the ultimate deterrent and early warning system.

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