(003) Stanley High Security Padlock SPP’d ( Picked Open ) & Gutted

Stanly 60mm S828-160 CD8820 with high security Schlage core Picked open and gutted. Great lock to pick, Plug has counter milling and has 3 security pins in the top. I would definitely put security pins in all positions to make it even harder to compromise.
My Camera was being difficult and had a hard time focusing towards the end of the video. I apologize…


Gregory b says:

hi I would like to change the cylinder in that one u have. what’s a good one I can put in.

Jasmine Lognnes says:

The Best lock that is standing in the background. Which model is that? =)

kerensky77 says:

Good work and that is a nice looking padlock. I have never seen one before and it’s interesting that it uses standard KIK cylinders for a core also. Pins are weak for sure, but I know for a fact that can be fixed. 😉

Nicholas Aarons says:

Nice Work Dude. They say don’t work with Kids or Animals on Camra but I guess they should add Auto Focus to that list as well. LOL. Great Picking. Keep up the great work. Nick.

floorpizza says:

The wafer isn’t an anti-bypass wafer (as seen in American locks), it’s to prevent you from rotating the locking mechanism too far.

Papa Gleb says:

Great work Shawn. I got a very similar Stanley padlock last week but didnt have a chance to gut it yet. Its weird that label says “security PIN” while lock has more than one.

jgtdragon says:

Is this a good lock to get? I was looking at this over the master padlocks.

Brigitta R says:

Great job Shawn!

Javid Patel says:

Nice lock and nice picking shawn

Chrome1000 says:

Hi, i was thinking in getting this lock because of it’s specifications, i know it’s a good padlock, which padlock in the world do you reccomend me to buy, thanks in advanced

blaziken67 says:

get the one with the assa barrel in it. thats not really a good lock otherwise.

REPO MAN says:

Nice pick sir!  LOL! Gotta love the zoom and lighting, when it wants to work with ya! It’s like, “Come on REALLY? Right now?” Again seriously nice job!

diazaman says:

Great job Shawn to bad about your cam though…..

Zheka K. says:

What padlock would you recommend for less than 40 buck?

1vantheterr1ble says:

Like you say – pretty crappy!

cytherians says:

Forgive my novice experience, but wow… this stock lock is that easy to pick?? Have you given any feedback to Stanley so they might make the necessary improvements?

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