(036) Kasp 19070X High Security padlock – Discussed and Picked

What a treat we have here, the beautiful Kasp 19070X high security padlock. It is so well made and has incredible saw, cut and drill protection… But how pick resistant is it?

Remember: only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use!

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Nice lock and picking. Keep the vids coming. Thanks

Pete Restall says:

Nicely done, and not an easy lock to pick.

techwg says:

The bigger they are… Very nice looking lock. I am going to so eventually get those tension tools. I must.

techwg says:

I got my prybars from uklockpickers. I was liking them and then I tried to use them in my 25mm titalium. FAIL FAIL and FAIL. No matter which one I use, they bloody slip out after the first pin or two I tweak on. USELESS on that lock. They may be good on other locks but I had high hopes that they would help me pick this 25mm lock that I ditched from my main case of picking gear because of the failure in picking due to not enough room to pick and tension. TOTKW tensioners seemed like that would solve it. ERRRR wrong. My only hope is that madbobs will be capable of dealing with really small keyways without popping out every 2 seconds. Have you any experience with really small keyways? Ok google errored and this comment never posted, so I will add more now.I have a crappy small Am-Tech padlock and it slips out of even that and the top of the keyway is flat, not even paracentric. 🙁 FML. lol

Potti314 says:

That’s a massive lock – wow! I like the way how you “introduce” the lock and take your time. Also you pay attention to the picking procedure trying to understand why not all pins were needed to be picked willful (“some times you are lucky sometime you overset” – hahah, very true). Cheers and nice tablecloth – the same we have 🙂

techwg says:

You might wanna check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti8SKKCFHKY The guy actually shows you how to customise your lock’s standard pins (or in your case… normal pins from your re-pinnable lock or an extra re-pin kit 😀 ) using a basic drill and a file. AMAZING. Now that would make for a good video.

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