(078) Saker Maximum Security Padlock Bypassed/Picked/Gutted

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Welcome back to another video. I bought this Saker Padlock off of ebay in hopes that it might turn out to be a decent pick. This just seems to be another low end Chinese padlock. This lock uses the AM3 key and keyway. I was able to use the american bypass tool and had the lock open instantly. This lock picked very easy also. There was only 5 pins and no security pins. This lock has some potential because it can be re keyed to an american key with great biting and then the pins can be re keyed to have security driver pins and then serrated key pins also. You can add one anti bypass wafer and that will stop the regular american by pass tool from working. Too stop the puncture tool (the bypass tool that defeats the anti bypass wafer) can pass through one layer of the anti by pass wafer so you can add one more anti by pass wafer and then neither version of the bypass tool will work. Over all this was an easy open. It would make a great lock for any new pickers out there. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe!!


Greg Fun says:

Hey just subbed. Sparrows reload kit. Think you’ve got a good channel. Nice pick. Very cool.

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Sparrows reload kit

Thomas Healy says:

Sparrows Reload Kit. Just subbed as well. Thanks.

Phred Phlintstoner says:

it’s too bad this clone is crappy… there really is no excuse for making such a bad clone. it doesn’t take much to make it better so why won’t these company’s do it..? they would be so much better off if they have the customer what they wanted. like paclock. they listened to what the customers wanted and did it… thanks for the great video bro!

Gunnar Mirbach says:

sparrows reload kit be nice to have thanks

wangminam says:

That sparrows reload kit would be nice to have. Haven’t started gutting yet but may change my mind if I get it. 🙂

anomicworld says:

Hey, nice video. Love to enter the Sparrows reload kit drawing! 🙂

blaquebox13 says:

subbed. would love the Sparrows Reload kit! thanks for the videos!

Juropa 11 says:

Sparrows reload kit giveaway if you haven’t already added me, thanks

HelpfulLockPicker says:

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