(1046) M&C Matrix SKG High Security Cylinder

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Marc Lowenberg says:

Great job Bill !

Mark Polley says:

Good vid, i like it when people are not afraid to show the good, the bad and the ugly

RoeLunatic4ever says:

Pfff….i watch this, and struggle with a simple 3-pin lock…

PawsleyDirt says:

Gekke Nederlanders zijn ook overal!

mrlithium69 says:

Are the pins really copper ? They look brass. Isnt copper too soft ?

OvalWingNut says:

So you “pick” from the side with the “Booger” or without? Hey, just asking 🙂

Neal says:

lol 13:32. Can you go over the side pins or slider? I have no idea how that works.

aullik says:

Hey bill you lost a sidepin at some point. what was he for?

Crip Skillz says:

I want to see this kinda stuff with a lock in the door, is it way harder? I’m betting it is.

choochoochooseyou says:

Don’t be sorry, Bill, I learn a lot just following your thought process throughout.

Nathan L says:

Anyone else see the spider on the tray?

R. Akers says:

Do you have other videos regarding ‘sliders”?
I haven’t encountered these before.
Thanks, great vid.

Modern Leveller says:

Nice lock… I can’t see a way to thread or counter mill the bible for lack of access from top or bottom. I’m surprised you found no threading on the core either. That would have made this already challenging lock far more challenging with the pins they chose. This is my opinion, I could be wrong 🙂

frank doemen says:

was that a chunk of bacon?

Meejhem23 says:

I don’t know if you are already aware, but SKG is not a brand/type of locks.

Its a security rating. Some locks have no SKG certification, other may have 1, 2 or 3 stars. Higher are more resistant to brute force assaults by the time it takes to open it, and a SKG *** lock is only rated it the door, frame, hinges and other hardware is also *** SKG rated.

You may already be aware, but your title suggests otherwise.

idk idk says:

Its venomous not poisonous. Venomous means it injects venom like a bee, poisonous means you get very sick like eating a poisonous mushroom

Harry Chung says:

Seeing how we know you have WD-40 and big hammers, you need to add some duct tape to your work bench, Bill. Or you could have asked your Guard Cat for a helping paw there.

floorpizza says:

I don’t know why I even bother with a pinning tray when I’m gutting a lock… I end up having to retrieve everything from under the refrigerator every time.

LaurentMaitreK says:

Hey Bill, love your videos, really changed my life, can’t look at a lock the way I used to, I live in Japan and my house lock is a specific magnet activated lock, been trying to get one to have you curse it, anyway, on the bright side I’m opening a bar next three weeks.. the lock on the door so far is so weak you’d probably get it by pissing on it… point is, come around to Japan, you can stay over at my place and drink at my bar… open bar for you…. lemme know… =)

Truth B'Told says:

Hello Bill, would you be able to recommend a few brands of door and padlocks that are difficult to pick and affordable?

MR ODD says:

Beautiful pick there Bill , Love to see you make those tough locks look sooo easy hehe

Swoost says:

I usually go through about 50 picks on the very hard locks, you must be lvl 100?

Milan Markovic says:

I would really like to pick some locks but i cant find the tools in my country. I try to make some but no success. HOW TO GET SOME TOOLS IN SERBIA.

Heinz Kunz says:

Bill you need more intros. this is pathetic….

Rusty Locks says:

Any online retailers for this lock? I can’t seem to find anywhere that stocks it. It might just be available in the Netherlands but IDK

kola dupajew says:

Nie widziałem, aby zabierak obrócił się o 180st. a powinien. Aby u mnie otworzyć zamek zabierak musi się obrócić dwukrotnie o 180st.

Thomas W. says:

nice work.. 🙂

Mike Oxlong says:

Time for retirement, huh?

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