(1228) Review: Padlock Shims and How to Use Them

A quick review about different manufacturer’s padlock shims and a demonstration on how to use them. Shims are AMAZINGLY fast, unless you make the mistake of buying the junky Chinese aluminum ones. If you need shims, but quality steel ones.

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shubus says:

Dummy battery! Glad you found a solution….this could mean longer vids. Now about that ultra cheap shim stock…..there must be better out there.

dexter13601 says:

I’d love to check them out just to practice opening locks.

PickaWinner says:

So much for brand integrity, thanks for showing the truth.

R. Akers says:

thanks, but no thanks on the shims

King Street Rob says:

I have the good ones. After watching one of Bill’s old video’s I bought the cheap ones just for the plastic guards. Pull them off the cheap one’s put them on the good one’s.

Christopher Stephens says:

New to the channel, great info.. Thank You

David Blakely says:

ok there payin you to say this right cause your not even trying

legu333 says:

Do you have a bike lock recommendation vid for 2018? Are there any that can withstand ramset? (https://youtu.be/Wimo09WV-rY)

Got Wire says:

Cool video man

Michael Berthelsen says:

Oh, and I think Daniu is Chinese 大牛 (big cow), but since ‘cow’ could be short for 牛逼 (awesome), it could be someone calling their own company ‘badass’ or the like… Either way, probably Chinese product…

tuba7084 says:

Your reviews have saved me a ton of money over the years of watching and enjoying your videos. My first pick set was a mid line made in China so it worked okay but now I have “retired” them and now use Sparrow picks with a small Southord set for backup. Thank you for your honest reviews and opinions with locks and the related tools to pick them open. I have learned a great deal from your videos.

Paola frege says:

Really appreciated the bit on the dummy battery, but haven’t found one for my Panasonic lumix, the code of the original battery is DMW BCM13E , anyone knows where to buy one ? thanks

summer curve says:

Looks like I need to invest in some sparrow bypass I bought the the crap ones anybody here from the UK ??


the old saying ….. you get what you pay for. i bought sparrows shims long ago and they still work. original set

Chuck Urgitus says:

I never win anything but would love to have that set
Thanks Chuck

Jay H says:

Awesome! A few months ago, i built my own dummy batteries for my coffee stirrer.

Jay H says:

Last chance to get Scrooge Pins from Sparrows, until next year.

Morellio Benoir says:

Bill, those shims match the color of your sweater. 🙂

R. Akers says:

1/3 the price… 1/ 500th the value…

anselb2000 says:

Thanks for the camera battery information!!!

Paul Coulter says:

Bill I see you got in a fight with a Phillips head screw driver!!!!!!!
I’ve done that so many times I know the wound.

wire54321 says:

Do the handles work on the nice shims?

camjamsdad says:

Wish you made this video years ago. Let’s just say at one time Bang good sold them under the Klom name. Never opened a lock, ever. I had more success cutting my own shims out of coke cans. Those would slice your fingers faster than a razor blade so nobody try it

Kebabrullerne says:

I watched a million of your videos Bill. And it just kind of struck me, im not really sure what you are actually trying to do when picking a lock, maybe you could explain that 😀

Joe Hamelin says:

Yeah, I got bit by the banggood set, at least they were cheap. In to the trash bin with them.

avalon449 says:

So what is the purpose of shims?

Gyno&guntz Cologst says:

Thanks Bill, enjoy your informative channel and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Appreciate it.

Doctor Cthulhu says:

I didn’t see the giveaway on the lock lab page? Was it only on the one day?

James Murphy says:

Great video and review!! Thanks

Shaun Novorosky says:

Once again, an honest and great review and giveaway….Thank You

R. Akers says:

thanks for the hack!

James Braley says:

Thanks for the great videos. You’ve really helped me find a clue.

x3mperformace says:

Awsome vidio, again.
But, you don’t like to cut your fingers.
I have notised that every time you post, you got fresh and new cuts on your fingers.
I think, your even more unlucky than myself.
Keep your fingers save. 🙂
And keep the good work flow’in.

Drew Dman says:

I found these type of shims have never opened a single padlock I came across. Idk they were high end sparrows shims so I know it’s not a quality control problem.

D Sloop says:

Dang Bill, that cat tore you up again?

Joshua Dietzman says:

I bought a set just like that for about $2.00 on eBay. They’re terrible. I’ve never gotten them to work.

Clay Is me says:

Hey good vid i came across you’re channel a while ago and I’ve been bingeing videos and brought my own lock picking set thx man for the entertainment

J Raymond says:

Got the cheapos $2.50. On ebay. Only lock I can open with it is the plastic see thru practice lock. Thanks for the vid.

Michael Berthelsen says:

Cat’s been at it with your fingers again, Bill? 😉

Andy Garcia says:

I gotta say, this channel honestly promotes the wrong message. Lock manipulating should be kept to the locksmiths, who properly use their skill for efficient use, not on YouTube for the public to see. When you throw things out on the internet like this, it just makes it easier for the bad guys to win and gain more followers. Come on now… lock picking, really?

eric tuck says:

Thank you for the videos you do I learned a lot from you now my work keep coming to me if they need something open or lost there key thank you

Keith Willis says:

Hey Bill, I did message you a few vids ago about this stuff – is there a forum where we could chat privately

Dan Woodson says:

Thanks for the demo, I almost bought one of those cheap sets.  Did I miss someplace how I can enter your giveaway?

dexter13601 says:

I know the sparrow ones are high quality. Thanks for all concerned.

James Player says:

I would love to have The Sparrows shims what do do for the giveaway

Mag says:

Great video as always. Thanks B-Dawg

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