(1412) (Anti) Security Zone Padlock

Another one of my finds from my trip to Cleburne, TX to visit my mother. This Security Zone padlock is really ANTI Security Zone, as evidenced by the many ways you can quickly get into it.

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camjamsdad says:

a ball of water moccasins is better protection than this lock

LockPickingLawyer says:

That settles it… I’m never going water skiing again. ☹️

bird718 says:

that sticker makes me crack up,..

Ryan Wolfe says:

It’s always so amazing to me the variety of attacks you can perform in a really short period of time.

Jim Fortune says:

That’s the sticker you don’t want to see on the thermometer you just pulled out of your mouth.

MrLangDog says:

I have several locks that look exactly the same with different engraving; all respond just like that one. Did he say smallest man made lakes? I’ve made one smaller than that 🙂

John Lee Pettimore III says:

Good ol’ Johnson County Texas.

James Murphy says:

Most appropriate use for that “lock”

uhplumber says:

Looks just like a master 150.

Ben Holl says:

can you do a video on your pick stand

Broken Syntax says:

Love that sticker! LOL! I wonder if I labelled my freezies and icecream that way if it’ll keep my kids out.

Kent Teffeteller says:

Cleburne, Texas was also famous for George Marti, broadcaster and inventor of the Marti Studio-Transmitter Link which used RF to feed audio from studios to transmitter site.

chris says:

I like very much these introductions with few words about the countryside. Keep doing that ..

bradw 053 says:

Excellent range of topics covered here, geography, snakes, Bill making an example of a turd lock from our favorite lock manufacturing country (which I suppose also falls under the geography category), and stickers with the word rectal on them. Another example of why I always look forward to Bill’s videos!

timbober1 says:

No poisonous snakes in Misota lakes. People have been attacked by cute little otters and occasionally a muskelunge wll take a nibble out of a swimmers appendage. Are these the same locks rebranded as “Ace hardware” locks? Very similar in appearance.
I would rather swim in the Mississippi River by the sewerage treatment plant near St Paul (Pigseye named after an early Minnesotan) than that skanky looking lake. Entertaining video as per usual.

Michael O. says:

like nice video

Graham GHC says:

Bill its a van lock

Dogstar says:

Mrlocksmith is terrible. Have you seen it?

idk idk says:

Stupid master lock ripoffs

Ecospider5 says:

Last year I decided to dabble with lock picking. Got a $3 set of lock picks, grabbed the 20 locks I had around the house. Half of them raked open just like that.

Seeing the high quality locks you usually deal with I was wondering if that was a fluke. Now I know. Not a fluke just crappy $10 locks.

I bet the rest could be picked by a nube like me if I actually spent more than $3 on the stamped sheet metal I referred to as lock picks.

Sable Drakon says:

Looks like the same exact lock from the last hardware store video.

knurlgnar24 says:

$9 at the store after markup. $5 from the distributor. $3.00 from the manufacturer plus another 50 cents to ship it across the ocean. Hey, I’d say you got what you paid for.

jak p says:

Can you test the dollar tree combination and key locks?

Kent Teffeteller says:

Makes a Master Lock look good. No stinking keys necessary!

Chlorate says:

I’d prefer a bit more security on my rectum personally 😉

John Pride says:

I think you are doing the human rectum a big dis-service.

Tomas Vargas says:

perfect use of that sticker!

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability says:

Great job Mr. Bill

Rocketlockopener says:

What a crap lock

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