(1413) Decode Abus 160/40 Combination Padlock

I’ve received a number of these Abus 160-4 combination padlocks, always with a request to show how to decode them. The padlock is intended for low security uses, like school or gym lockers, and is quite easy to decode and open within a minute or so.

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Glenn Gibbons says:

Merry Christmas Bill to you and your family, I’ve learned so much over the last year. Thank you !

timbober1 says:

Thank you I’m sure by BIL thinks that of me, salavee

bmitch3020 says:

You married my sister?! Also, I have a sister?!

Gu3rr3rr0 says:

What is the official name of that tool again? It is something i do not have yet in my sets, would like 1 or 2

Dennis Hall says:

Nice info! Thanks for the video!

adrian says:

FACT: some of the worst people on earth are brothers-in-law

jondough76 says:

I am guessing the brother-in-law won’t be visiting for the holidays?

Jonah H says:

I had some kind of tripeek when i was younger and i got a locked box with a wafer lock open by rocking it im not realy sure why but i did it in like 2 seconds and i was so proud of myself

Rocketlockopener says:

This lock is used in low security application however shielding would help.

Dakota Underwood says:

I just got into picking locks as a hobby it’s very fun and challenging at times thank you so much for the great content.. you help out alot

Roy Sammons says:

Well, you made that look very easy.

SUPERTELL vlogs-challenges-karate-reviews-how to says:

Does your brother in law watch your videos?

joseph crosby mecham says:

Are you trying to say that we’re smarter than bags of dirt?

terrahawk2003 says:

Great video and the old brother in law has surely earned your ire!

Curtes Silrus says:

Man I love your videos

bradw 053 says:

No matter how basic it may seem, there is always something satisfying about exploiting a lock with some simple tools. Nice demonstration Bill!

madpom2 says:


Jonathan Wilson says:

Does anyone make a combination lock in this style (with multiple wheels you turn) that is actually secure?

Big Chevy says:

Nice do they have these on eBay

Glenn Gibbons says:

Merry Xmas Bill to you and your family ,I’ve learnt so much from you this . Thank you

Mike Kunkel says:

The stuck at 0 issue is a common design in these multiple dial combination locks. It is meant so you can quickly spin the dials after locking to reset to all zeroes. It should stop in only one direction.

@ffec+ says:

So when is that fkn lock picking lawyer going to release a vid and ride in your coattails for views?

choochoochooseyou says:

This tip has stuck with me more than most.

Matt McHenry says:

That lock was pretty cheapy looking and not very secure but for some reason I’m oddly drawn to it, I think it’s pretty neat

Flat Finger Tuning says:

Why doesn’t anyone make a “wheel” padlock that doesn’t allow these easy and well-known exploits? Instead of having the code wheels be concentric with the exposed wheels, locate them behind the exposed wheels, and have the locking pawl engage the teeth in the exposed wheels before engaging the code wheels. The total number of parts would be the same, but the level of security should be substantially improved.

Larry Be says:

There would be a way to make it all but impossible to utilize this type of attack. I can’t see it would be all that cost prohibitive either. Just have a wider face on the wheel with the numbers and a slot/notch to accept the overhang of the dial as it is turned.

Garth Goldberg says:

Sesamee locks are the same way; one way the wheels all stop at zero.

logical memes says:

ohhh 399 away from 400k!!

John Miller says:

Pretty sure you need to make a video compilation of every time you’ve talked crap on your bother in law hahahaha!

Starrylock • says:

I love me a good Abus, this is not a good lock. Nice decode.

Mubeen Farooque says:

mostly you just need to subtract 5 from the number you find gate on goodluck bye

Radek Vamowski says:

hey Bill, i can’t find any gates on my Abus 145/40 combination padlock. is there a chance they shielded them? Also it seems to have false gates every 2nd turn.

Doug Howland says:

Is multiple abus’s , abii?

Jack Jones says:

Hey Bill how thick is the gauge you were using?
Nice little lock .8882 huyton UK

s arnold says:

Great technique! Sorry to hear about your brother in law!

Karen O says:

Please decode that DOJ. No more hiding behind their ‘grip’.

Wes Dresen says:

same as the rest of them. I would have expected better from them.

killermaru says:

If you press the dial on left or right side and scroll up or down you re able to see a little hole under the wheel, allign the 3 hole and scroll up or down the 3 dial all together and for sure you find the right combination after 8 tentative 😀

Mark E says:

Good luck with your brother in law over Christmas

Ben Holl says:

Good thing your brother in law isn’t smart enough to find the unsubscribe button

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