(1425) Shield Security Padlock (JUNK!)

This Padlock, made by Shield Security, is the first of two locks that arrived at the LockLab with no return address or note inside the envelope. My suspicion? SOMEBODY was cleaning the CACA out of their OWN LockLab… 😀

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Gigs says:

Why do none of you guys ever try overlift comb picks? Seems like an often overlooked noskill way into a lot of these junk locks.

Gummy Bear says:

With that key bidding, its not even worth it as a training session

Dick Caruso says:

HD SUPPLY is home depots supplier i think

Jollytime1208 says:

Preamble, box opening and lock picked four ways and still under 5 minutes. LOL!!!

BeastMan617 says:

Most certainly not “wasting our time”. It’s quality entertainment!

Fractured Hearts says:

So out of all the cheap locks what is the best one?  Or are they all the same?

gryteknut says:

Maybe it’s from your brother in law, trying to smooth things over.

AIRWOLF Fan Movies says:

One downvote… LOL. Bet that’s the Junk-making company

shubus says:

Great piece of junk! Melt it down for the brass!

BrightBulb Photography says:

Prolly be able to pick that with a hairpin and a screwdriver.

JD shenanigans says:

Im not surprised some one did not put there name on it . Not a waste of time informative some one might see a hundred on ebay for 50 bucks and think its a good deal .try putting on ebay as a junk lock some one will buy it lol

camjamsdad says:

so what are you trying to say?

killernat says:

half expected you to pick it with a ziptie

LeonardO says:


Karl Stellmacher says:


Tom Martin says:

Sick Masterlock burn!

Don'z Lockz says:

Haha, looks like Chinesium to me. Maybe that’s why no one is owning up to sending it. Lol.

Anton Nesterov says:

0:23 It says “All keyed alike” on a package?!

BlackDolphin90 says:

Probably is made in China and branded Shield security.

RealUnimportant says:

Thought I was watching LPL for a second, the opens were so fast.

Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz says:

Jut curious will it open if hit properly or stared on with proper intensity 😉

Stan Ervin says:

I agree! A weapon to deter a thief!

MazzeruAcciacatore says:

I think you actually spent more time opening the box than the lock in it.

John Lee Pettimore III says:

I bet that could be picked with a watermelon.

LockPicking Patrolman says:

I made a video on a brother to this lock a long time ago and came to the same conclusion! Sent mine to LPL to be destroyed though lol https://youtu.be/Y_KipENTy6A

bird718 says:

generic Chinese locks are fun, for about 5 seconds

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