(15) Defeat Hermex Disc Detainer Padlock by Exploiting a Design Defect


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Chucomar says:

It is not Chinese.
I have the same one.
Hermex means “Herramientas Mexicanas” Mexican tools .

Mr. Hiram says:

You just destroyed a good padlock.

Lasha Zaridze says:

can you put the guts back and make the lock working again ? or is it busted ?

Eldon Schiemann says:

would a way for manufacturers to combat this exploit be to make that silver-ish “lock disc” thing long enough (probably 3cm) to the point where leverage on it wouldn’t be able to pop it out? as the bottom of it would bind against the cylinder wall

myra pagatpat says:

if your stealing hehehe youre caught

vorkev1 says:

I have seen a lot of locks like this and some of them you can pop with a screw driver. some are harder but I fount with a small pocket sized 1300c torch you can heat the thing up then pop it quickly. I have also recently seed a video wear a guy hade a $100 high secerity lock that the mfr clamed could was un pickable and un breakable and work take 10min to cut with a cutting torch and well he hit it with a hammer as it was hanging and it poped right open. I cant rember his name it was something with locktester secerity

Elle Sea says:

Having lived in China for a little while, I concur with ScoobTEQ. I’d guess that Hermex’s factory (or factory contractor) first manufactured the lock design, or at least first contracted the design in China, (like San Ren Mu and Byrd/Spyderco knives).

spancj1 says:

Nice! I learned something new today, love your videos, very informative.

world citizen says:

stupid chinese shit! the whole world is gonna be china slave!. be alert!

Im Skrewed says:

Video brought to you by npc USA picks

ScoobTEQ says:

Knowing how manufacturing in China works, I suspect that the factory that created the mechanism in the Hermex was the original creater this design/manufacturing process, and all of the other disc detainer locks are knock-offs of this design. Interesting that this one appeared to be better machined and the detainer was heaver.

Good stuff, thanks for sacrificing your self for science 😉

Chucomar says:

it isn’t Chinese!
Hermex means “Herramientas Mexicanas”mexican tools. I have the same one.

ANGEL says:


Mazaroth says:

During the video, i am on the edge on my seat, “holy shit, there’s going to be a chisel going through his hand”.

Seriously, that was quite hazardous.

cdubya22 says:

Jeez Bill I was waiting on 1 of those Wile coyote moments with that chisel.

5DaWiD5 says:

You can break this lock with lock puller or shank very easy and fast.

nhojyelbom says:

watch your eye!! looks like the body was damaged from prying, look at the side

Kevin Williams says:

OMG! Get a decent vise

2stroke4me says:

A blind hole bearing puller should do the trick in no time.

VicariousReality7 says:

Hm, almost good

world citizen says:

bro use a flat screwdriver

mohamed draz says:


Serius Tech says:

so if i welding that weakness up this will be harder to pick.. am i right?

John Robertson says:

Looks like the body started to give up the ghost at 5:05 when you spun it around. Is that a vacuum base vise? Moisten 1/4″ of the edge of the diaphragm before mounting. If the surface is smooth enough, it will not move. Trick works also on windshield mounted Nav systems.

Eye-On-Stuff says:

I have always wondered if SOBO or FJM padlocks are also vulnerable to this attack. Can you try it?

G David says:

Once the “beater” comes out, it becomes personal.

world citizen says:

we have already sold our souls to china!

SA12String says:

Completely expected a pause in the video and a return with the “unboxing” of your new 12 stitches.

Not Pulverman says:

looks like any shed would break before the sub par lock

Ralph Latham says:

Looks like they are on to you, Bill.

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