[150] Various Disc Padlocks Picked (Abus, Master, and More)

Abus 20/70 (with Abus Plus core)
Abus 28/70
Master #40
Generic Chinese Disc Padlock


Steensy says:

Never seen a master one of these before but have seen the rest. Nice idea to compare them though and you made short work of picking them too

Jeremy H. says:

I was cleaning my car out the other day at a local car wash. Just out of curiosity, I looked to see what padlocks they had on their vacuums to lock up the change.. and they were ALL Abus Diskus 20/70’s. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed!

tallman11282 says:

I have one of the Master locks on my storage unit. I knew they weren’t great but didn’t realize they were that easy to pick. I will have to consider getting a better lock sometime. There’s nothing of super high value in the unit anyway. The problem is that it’s hard to find anything better than Master Locks (though I know they aren’t really that good) in stores.

Years ago I had to get into another storage unit I had that was secured with a disc lock (probably a Master Lock as well) but I had lost the keys. I borrowed an electric angle grinder from the rental office and I had the lock cut off in a few minutes.

tonyholt90 says:

really really bad to the darn impressive lol , excellent commentary…

vde says:

Hmm didn’t know the abus had a disk detainer lock. awesome!

Jordan Peck says:

I’ve been binge-watching my way through your channel (new subscriber), and I wonder if you’d do a series on locks you can’t yet open, like Bill has?
Keep up the good work.

waddac2 says:

Great video and love the final abus lock. Are you using one of the flexy peterson 5 wrenches too?

Charzey says:

99.9% of thieves will cut, lift or grind, pickers are such a minority its barely worth worrying about tbqh.

jexfrex says:

You picked all 3 disc locks very quickly, but you seemed extra critical about the first Harbor Freight lock. What makes it so terrible?

REDEYE Locksport says:

Very nicely done as usual LPL.  I find it harder to hold and tension the disk locks…. picking is no real problem. As for the Disk detainer I haven’t played with them at all. I would love to later on when I get some dimples under my belt.

Glans oftheKing says:

You are the only locksmith I respect on this because you are the only one that admitted there was a lock you were unable to pick. I intend to buy the 20/70 as one of the two locks I will use to lock my bike (which is very dear to me). The other is the Abus combo 190cs/60 have you tried that one? I have asked the other youtube guys and none has ever tried it, or responded to me. Thank you.

TheChewy78 says:

the 20/70 looks like a good one

de Ronchopathe says:

Thank you for this video, I did not know this Abus 20/70 seems fabricated on the same base as the Abus plus (which contains his 9 discs).

juuso suvanto says:

Send that Abus disk datainer lock to me. I will open it and make a video.

ganzonomy says:

Lockpickinglawyer: pwns everything… and then realizes the 20-series is an absolute monster. I have a 20/80 myself, and I gave a 20/70 to my uncle for the reason you gave. (The “this thing is…. just…. a… monster” reason.)

Vozzy says:

Isn’t it just coincidence that the first two locks you picked are part of the ‘L-rake’ master-key system?
I think having seen (i believe) Bosnianbill cutting in to a cheap discus lock, only to find the shackle being the only hardened part of the lock.

Mike MP says:

Very nice video, great picking. Disc padlocks are rare here, so people believe even more that they are super secure. But strangely the few I saw around were noname (with exceptions of one abus). It’s never a good sign when manufacturers omitted to put their logo on product.

LoppanH says:

Never had a disc padlock so I got one from Biltema a store that sell cheap car parts and more for 8$. It was a 70mm looked like the one on bottom left no name only said F305, 1000 and the size 70mm, 2 3/4″ on back. It had a very small keyway and 5 pins and thought not the best to practice on but what the heck. It was one of those locks that would not stay closed opened it with all 8 of my .015 picks from my Praxis set just had to put them in and wiggle up and down a few times and it  was open lol.

Alexandre Treme says:

I see all your videos, really love them. You’re soooooooo skilled ! Hope I’ll be too, one day. ^^
Please, continue this way. 🙂
(Sorry for my bad english… I understand it, but I talk it – and write it – very bad).

Mihai Muresan says:

Very clear and simple. thank you!

Potti314 says:

Great video and nice picking. I also consider disc detainer locks to be very good. Less likely to get picked (special tool needed and not very common to be picked) and robust as no springs are involved. Again: Very much enjoyed watching.

Marcel Pare says:

I admit, that master was harder on me than It was on you! I am ashamed! Great video! How’s the scorpion going?

Argantonis says:

Wouldn’t these be difficult to pick if they were in operation because you’d have to pick them upside down?

LDU2U says:

The Discus are always fun to pick, little keyways .

Olivier Cauffopé says:

i love the diskus 20/70

Olivier Cauffopé says:

i love the Diskus® 20/70 i really want one

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