[163] Stanley Solid Steel Shrouded Padlock Picked and Gutted (Model CD8820)


gdglock says:

Which hook are you using Peterson? 3,4, or 5? Kink of looks like a 4. You are VERY good!

REDEYE Locksport says:

Very nice again. I think I would have to go for the $17 bargain, That is one fine assembly for the money and it’s expandability. If more US lock manufactures would adapt the half Euro as an option that would be a great option too.

Merle Masse says:

We knew going in the lock would not last 8 minutes. Great job.

Atlas says:

It’s funny how you take the springs out of the locks, it’s almost like the springs are living lol

JB says:

some assa pins would beef up that lock good

saud alsammani says:

giveaway 🙂

Robert Silvers says:

These are $28 on Amazon in single quantity, or $46 for a two-pack, so $23 each. I cannot find the 60mm version anywhere now except in laminated without the shackle guard. Still really no point in upgrading the cylinder when you can get an Abloy for less that this plus the cost of any better cylinder.

Random Locks says:

Good job harry, I just did a video of the 8823 on my channel. I could have shaved 5min of my gutting if I would have watched this first. Take care and keep up the good work.

Never Locked Out says:

Lady’s and Gentlemen of the jury, if you turn to page “6” of your ASTM standard performance specification pamphlet that the bailiff handed to you earlier, under section 3B “Picking and Manipulating” this lock should last 8 minutes. After the LockPickingLawyers demonstration of defeating this lock in record time. The evidence is clear! I rest my case.

J.L Hoffy says:

Great security comparison. Wayne Winton uses those Stanley’s with high security cores. They are excellent in resisting physical attacks.

HollerboyHellbilly says:

Thanks for the great videos on both of these locks. Was there any modification to the hull in either lock?

Olivier Cauffopé says:

every time i see this padlock i think of a military lock, i don’t know why.

tonyholt90 says:

as soon as you said 8 minutes pick resistance I knew what was coming! made smile as soon as you said 8 mins..

Jackcc5 says:

are you really a lawyer?

Jasmine Lognnes says:

Do you know why some low end and a few high end locks have laminated plates? E.g. the military Miracle Ingersoll.

moik145 says:

I have that lock! It’s in my naughty bucket still. I’m still pretty new to picking. up around a 911 master. great picking sir! Always looking forward to your video sir!!

x3GameBit says:

Hello, thanks a lot for the informational video!
I have been keeping an eye on this padlock for a long time, probably viewed a dozen of videos from different youtubers and I’m impressed by the physical protection it offers for its affordable price.
However I’m not experienced with locks whatsoever and would like to replace its core with a better one.
I live in Germany, do you know any good lock that I could get my hands on to replace the stock lock or maybe give a local locksmith for me to install?

Kevin J says:

Is it just me, or has this lock disappeared from everywhere, including Amazon? Was it recalled or discontinued? I cannot seem to find the 8820 or even the 8823 (1-2 month backorder on Amazon).

Potti314 says:

Great lock and very nice picking. Was it the first time you tried to pick it?
These 8min promise makes me think. The picking resistance is dependent on the bitting and on the person piking the lock. How can such a number be given at all. Are there standardized educated pickers who test and then they take the average. This sounds more like guesswork to me not like exact science.

Chaos Tade says:

so those specifications are hoseshit. They are made just for deceiving us and take our money.

Caleb Rivera says:

Did you make that tray yourself or did you buy it? Great Video, love the clean cut and organised style.

The Flying Locksman says:

I have one of these, sometimes it picks easy but other times I have to put it down. hopefully now I know what’s in them, I can improve. thanks

- JMT - says:

1 minute from picking up the lock to open … Far from the 8 minute claim.

Jeff Benson says:

As far as value goes, I was able to pick up a two-pack of these on Amazon for $42.50. I would say that was an exceptional value.

Mario G. Cardiel says:

Nicely done! I bet they use the 8 minute rating taking into account dum-dum pickers like me. 🙂 Have you tried a Medeco lock? Those seem to be really difficult to pick, from what I have seen.

Do R/C! says:

I wonder how they determine how long it will take to pick a lock. It seems like such a subjective thing like saying how much weight can be lifted by looking a the barbell.

Mountain Rogue says:

Walked right trough that lock. Nicely done.

CJayC says:

What are your plans for this lock now that you’ve sufficiently defeated it?

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