(185) Improve Your Lock Picking Skills (for Beginners)

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Charles McKinney says:

I get a lot of my locks from restore. They charged me one dollar plus tax for each lock. One of the locks I bought was key in knob with a realtors lock box attached to it. That was a two dollar charge. First one of those I had tangled with. It was fun learning How to best multi wheeled combination locks. Ahh! Restore good.

ChowWithMe says:

i have a 140 i pick it all the time and open it. i learned just today how to pick a lock. i use paper clips i dont use a kit.

TrevisEdward 0608 says:

The first lock I picked was a non transparent four pin and I used paper clips to make the rake pick and the tension wrench

Caleb P says:

Top secret is orange…

merf says:

its practice i looked at the end

Ryan321b says:

I just tried to open that ” lockpicking detail overkill” file in the description but it’s asking for a password to view it. Any help out there?

Jeverson Obang says:

Going to jail increased by 8%

Hakz olot says:

Thanks for the tips. I need to get me some new locks i’ve been using old locks..

Totally not a killer says:


But Just says:

I no longer feel special now that I know the only lock I’ve opened is his easiest lock.

peter mills says:

Get on with it!

George Bryant says:

My girlfriend’s daughter locked her key inside her bedroom last night along with family cat. Let’s just say it got catty real quick. I had to Google “How to pick lock with paper clips” because all of the bobbie pins were missing (surprise surprise). Took me 3 hours to fashion the tools and figure out this damn bedroom doorknob but the feeling I got when it finally clicked and I was let in was amazing. Now, I’m obsessed haha. Excellent video and thank you =)

Mark says:

Abus 92/80 ka (D lock) vs abus diskus 20/80 padlock. Which do you think provides more security to lock a self storage room door? I was thinking the D lock may be slightly better than the discus lock because of keyhole location and because of the tight fit on the latch, it may be even harder to cut with saw or bolt cutters. I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks

Pablo Untroib says:

For the experts out there here is my question, Im a beginner and at this point I can open my master 140 with almost anything, even a clip, but I’m stuck with the 570 (could not find a 911 here in my country yet) is the jump from 140 to 570 too much and the 911 is pretty needed to keep finetuning my technique? Thanks!!!

tyedye 28304 says:

@0:48 I’ll bet it says practice.

gjl565907 says:

Just starting out and I must admit I’m finding it frustrating. I think I’m oversetting the pins as when I release the tension if I listen carefully I can hear all 4 or 5 pins click back one at a time. Any advice would be appreciated.

G KAY says:

i picked lock using its keys

Tyler Mccoy says:

Who else skipped to the end of this video to find the secret only to get let down and start the video over?

bird718 says:

excellent, now i have a roadmap, thanks bill

Anonymous Martialist says:

I skiped to the end then back to the beginning lol

NNmJYwg says:

but can you pick a lock in skyrim?

Jonathan Prevost says:

Great video, and I would love to see a video about picking spooled pins as well as other pins we may see.

Dan Thiels says:

i was better at impressioning than picking , but 20 yrs out of the game , i think picking will be my new hobby , my old HCP kit needs to be upgraded

Matt Jones says:

I got a 6 pin challenge lock that I can pick (replaceable pins) but these pad locks wont budge for me. One i’m trying has a brass cover that turns freely, while the mechanism is underneath that.

Charlie Smith says:

My prediction: practice

George Szeles says:

how do you know what type of pick to use on a lock

paul saladino says:

I’m looking for that link for the book you mentioned by mike Gibson , lock picking. you mentioned leaving a link but I could not find it. could you please help me to find it? psal

Jonathan Garcia says:

Lockpick increased to 99

Matthew moyer says:

Before he gets to it, 10 bucks says the secret card says something like “practice” or someone along the lines of something not complicated

TagIstNacht 676 says:

ive done all the ones in youre video whatsthe hardest to do

Kova maps says:

Can someone send me a amazon, ebay or aliexprees buy link of this set, or the best lock pick tool set

Foire à Musique says:

And how to lock pick these ? https://youtu.be/7z3CiwaMUZg?t=2m12s

AnythingKid123 says:

Get a brinks 161 40001

link411ify says:


kev lyon says:

I have been trying to lockpick some locks and i have 1 lock i can not get into 🙁

Houdinii1212 says:

i see in a lot of videos master lock # 1 2 3 4 5 what do those mean is there a site that tells the differences?

Atsuro Kihara says:

just started watching the video. ten bucks says the back of that card says “practise”

Albert Lebel says:

OK, this is very interesting, I am new to the hobby, and I can pick both of my old American 5200 padlocks but not the smaller Masters yet. I have problems with the key ways still, and probably tension. But Im NOT giving up. I just took your advice and put the ones I cant do yet in a coffee bucket. This is fantastic information Sir’, Thank you so much….

Heinrich Muller says:

Great Video, some good lock picking vids out there & this is one of em… thanks

Lambda Calculus says:

‘Stay safe and stay legal.’
I love that so much

bruce lonsinger says:

Great video!!!!

Jeremy Lewis says:

This may be a dumb question but why have there not been key lock saws? Just asking if you can saw or file the pins down to turn a lock? I’m new and maybe you could file the pins under the spring pressure and yeah Idk maybe not a good idea

1k1 Nights says:

Hey, Bill, thank you. Your informative videos have taught me enough to impress my new boss during the interview. I’ve been down on my luck for almost a year now. Jobless, no one giving me a chance. Your videos taught me how to get started in this and now I’m training as a locksmith with a job. Just, you know, thanks.

Iam Sir Z says:

this video has made soo many peoples suffer, burn in hell !!!

Tsab Bee Vaj says:

HELP PLEASE1st off…Thumbs up…very informative video! I just started lock picking as a hobby and I have aquired a bunch of old door locks and pad locks without keys. Now there is this one door lock i have actually removed from an old door. It’s not an entry way door or what not but I have only manage to pick it once accidentally by raking. Now everytime i rake or single pin pick i will set the middle pin and ONLY THE KEY HOLE turns and it dosnt actually turn the knob which would turn the latch so im assuming this would not actually open the door!!! WTH is going on?? Can anyone please help me?

WickdPerfekT says:

Lol i started with 140… i had one in my house. I just beat it

6taku9 says:

I recently quit smoking and I needed something to keep my hands busy so I’ve been lockpicking. I can’t tell you what needing a smoke and being frustrated with a lock feels like, but I’ll say it’s intense. I wanted to say that your videos are inspirational and Educational. It’s going to take a while to watch them all. I’m still learning and working with cheap picks. I broke a few locks too. Thanks for the videos.

Dego Motovlogs says:

almost a week lol

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