[192] IFAM Huno 80 Shutter Lock v. Chinese Copy: Pick, Gut, & Compare

Chinese 94mm shutter lock picked, gutted and evaluated next to the lock from which its design was copied. As always, you get what you pay for! These locks go by many names… Don’t be fooled because yours isn’t a “Golden Lotus,” like the one in this video.


Sierra says:

LPL from the past sure sounds alot more sleepy.

John Early says:


lyszaod89 says:

Did you make that tension wrench yourself, it looks substantial!

wl357 says:

Who makes the z bar tension wrench and the dimple rake?

kotzpenner says:

tbh the original looked kinda easy to pick for an experienced lockpick. Are there any good locks?

Jess Hull says:

The Huno is such a cool looking look. I really fancy shutter style locks. When you pulled out that amazon special dimple rake it made me chuckle because I have that exact same set of picks with those odd greenish turquoise colored handles. It was the first kit I purchased when I first started picking lo those several months ago.

tonyholt90 says:

wow that was unbelievable piece of crap. pins close to, or below shear line, unbelievable. and did notice the quality as soon as you removed the plug.

Locks Rocks And What Nots says:

My first peek inside a cheap dimple lock and I enjoyed the side-by-side comparison. Thanks.

Bryan C. says:

So…buy neither because pick resistance is equally poor. Got it.

Manuel H. says:

chinese crap wasting resources

Wayne Herby says:

I’m here from the future… video 842 to be precise.

LOST & FOUND says:

Nice vid, quality vs. junk lock. Another thumbs up from me!

JP T says:

You sound like you just got out of bed. 😀 Lots more energy in newer vids. Love your stuff man.

Mecha Iroh says:

Where did you get that dimple rake at

Ernie Velveeta says:

2:50 – Jeez… Even the key looks like shit.
Hell, it almost looks as though it was cast.

JB says:

yo, I accidentally deleted every email, shoot me a email please. Johnyrocket70@gmail.com

AlphaBielas says:

Hey I’am new at this and wanted to ask. That tool you used to rake chinese lock, how it is called and did you bought it or made it yourself?

Brian Hignett says:

Hi Harry, This business of too shorter drivers has become a pet hate with me. The girls/guys on the assembly lines, I’m sure, don’t understand the ramifications of this problem. The key works O.K., move on to the next one! Picking shows up the problem, and so will the wrong key that is close. We are seeing this in key in knob locks from China. The drivers in one lock will be O.K. Next one the pin holes in the plug will be drilled slightly deeper – not by much – and with the key removed, one two or more drivers are level or below the shearline. Original key works fine. The lock you showed with the cupped drivers, makes you wonder do they make longer cupped drivers? I guess they should. Well explained and demonstrated.  Regards, Brian.

Lizard Lick RC says:

We send barges loaded with scrap metal to China, China changes the shape of the scrap metal and sends it back. And that’s why I stopped buying things made in China.

R. Akers says:

… some skill… yep. Lots of skill.

Steel Pinnings says:

Well, never fails me to learn something that I didn’t know before when I watch your videos. Lol I figured this one had the same thing that the master had so I was thinking just another variation of it. But I must say thank you for sharing your disassembly of these locks I have one I have always wanted to re-pin and now I can. Thanks again

Seth B says:

I doubt that is cast iron. It’s probably cheapo Zamak zinc alloy “monkey metal”. If that is iron it’s probably dirt crucible Mao era s-crap iron.

fsmoura says:

3:11 Little known fact, most people think that the locks get open because of the tools or something LPL is doing with his hands, but in reality is the whispers _”Come on, get in there”_ that make those cores melt open. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

zeus nymen says:

hello. nice video L.P.L. I thought these locks were good but now i see: Chinese or none Chinese they are weak & can not be trusted. in a video a man opened some of them by using a hammer, hitting the locks at their bottom causing actuator some how work and the lock was open. I can give you a link of it if you want.
By the way is there any bypassing technique’s for these locks? if you know there is please make a video on it or simply mention them to me : ) . thank you

Ron Calabrese says:

you get what you pay for. as always.

JB says:

tape a shim over those pins 🙂

Albert Rieder says:

Dont buy Chinese Locks, take American or German Locks, they are much better

Boris Kozo says:

Oh god, I hate those ribbed cores. I have several locks with stuck core after trying to disassemble them. Whats worse is that they make the ribs at the exact distance of the diameter of the pin so once it gets stuck in there nothing will pull it out 🙁

Boris Kozo says:

I could use some of those cup shaped pins. What is the diameter (in mm) of those?

Elvis Presley says:


Jabberwocky says:

Hallmark of a Chines lock “Top security”.

dlevi67 says:

Since the IFAM is Italian, I believe it’s meant to be called “H-uno”, or H-1.

D Hawthorne says:

Use that knockoff in a shipyard for a few months and it’ll get much harder to open; even with the key.

JB says:

did you try bypass and shimming it open?

Noctis Motus says:

Very thorough. Thank you.

Cnn is Fakenews says:

Cast iron pretty hard to cast and mill. Could have been zinc/pot metal.

JB says:

which shackle hole is tighter


Nice one. I wasn’t bothered about the picking side. More how to take them apart. Cool trick with the shim. Thanks..

Rick Loyd says:

but the price is way different too 😉

Asol Vorrom says:

Yea, nah. Ain’t paying $130 for a lock.

Edvard Antonsøn says:

Can you pick the sobo d shaped padlocks?


I have a FJM that came with a Connex I bought. Looks better that the Chinese copy, thought mine appears better made. Any comments?

Nick says:

Your videos are the best! I laugh when I see some of the locks you have reviewed in stores. Thanks for the consistent high quality.

REDEYE Locksport says:

WOW, Now I see what you were referring too and why. Do you think that company is the one contracted to make the master locks. Great all weather lock too I forgot to add.

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