(20) Brinks High Security Laminated Padlock w/5 spool pins


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Pinkamena Diane Pie says:

High security my ass XD

Pro Locksmith Brisbane says:

Thank you so much for this video. Your single pin picking video was also great. This video is really great too.

Don Townsend says:

I would like to see a real world test of picking these locks in the dark. over your head, or down low with every dog in the neighborhood barking it’s head off. Not on your work bench, I just bet it would be much harder !

goblingirl8401 says:

your videos are  excellent!! extremely informative, just ordered the wafer breaker kit,all my american locks are post 07 ,hopefully it will work just as when you did it?

Nicholas Aarons says:

Great Video Bill. N.

Itamar Giron says:

Where can I get this equipment?

Tony Iocca says:

I just picked my first lock with the instructions of the video. I did it in less than 5 minuets with a tensioner I made out of a temple I cut off from broken eyeglasses and a steel dental pick. The lock was a Brinks. It popped open when I also pressed the shackle down in…
I locked to do it again and it took much longer.

Mark II says:

So this lock have Spool pins Bill? http://i58.tinypic.com/2mnhunp.jpg Because its very difficult to pick. Takes me like 15 minute to pick it every single time, where the Master Lock MAGNUM takes me like 1+ minutes. When I get counter rotation just simple release tension as I keep pressure on the pin.. Right..?

scorpionboxer says:

Sparrows ????

Pick'n n Grin'n says:

Thanks so much for your videos. You have helped me over a couple “humps” in my picking ability. Your video on single pin picking helped me to keep my rake in the case more and more. And today you helped me defeat my brinks commercial 5 pin lock that has been giving me fits. Thanks again!

snapper mower man says:

Would this be any good for a beginner I use hair pins for now

Tigerkyo Gaming and more says:

You do have skill like with Germany lock also I agree with you about the baton lock very easy no trouble

Hyperwave9000 says:

I know the best security lock to prevent this…


Texas Jim says:

Very nice and good information.

Brian West says:

these brinks are not hard, i called the company and said hey, thought it was 5 pins only picked four

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