(27) Brinks 40mm Padlock SPP’d (and How to Beat Security Pins)


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fishingandvaping says:

best steel for making picks is the blades that come off street sweppers

Michael Snyder says:

I happen to have an older one. i cant get in it so far. the keyway and warding makes accessing the pins difficult. i cant even get a false set. the key works fin but the lock is a little sticky. maybe i should send it to you bill – ??

scarz1951 says:

Watching one of your videos is never a waste of time. I ALWAYS see something that I missed before or learn something that I didn’t know.

bosnianbill says:

Thank you. You’ve heard the tale about the turtle and the hare…? I’m definitely the turtle. Stuck in Africa working right how but will upload about 20 videos when I get back Stateside and have some bandwidth. bill

Volvoswithfriends! says:

I have this lock and If I turn the key all the way back it will release the key and I bought it and within 2 minutes it was open

GeneHeim1 says:

Very nice explanation! Thank you.

Volvoswithfriends! says:

I have not and I got it at wallmart and so I don’t think it’s the greatest I use it even though I can get into it it’s protecting some valuables because I can’t get my hands on a Multi lock like I want

Lukos SilverFang says:

I was watching your videos lately and love them, I’m usually pretty smart and have a steep learning curb and I pick up and learn anything new I try really easily and quickly. Although sometimes I do have trouble and when I do your videos always help, in-fact I went through a lot of different lock types and brands and now I only have one left out of the many I already owned before I started this new hobby. I am having some trouble with it and I couldn’t find a video anywhere where someone showed themselves picking the lock brand and model I am stuck on now but i was browsing through your videos to see if i could fine any that would give me tips and help on this lock and so I came across this one and the lock in this video is the exact one I am having trouble with, same make and model. So i want to thank you for all the videos you upload and the work you put into them for us, hopefully once watching this video it will help me with the same lock I’m stuck on, I’m sure it will, Thanks again and keep up the good work!

JB says:

can you drill it open and is there room to add a pin tap it if possible and put it back together? rivet?

chankitm says:

wonder if you could explain more about the “false set” mentioned in the video ?
Would be great if there is any demonstration on a drilled, or transparent lock ;D
thank you. great video!

bosnianbill says:


Sorry, these cores are not removable. Brink pins them permanently in place. If you want a removable core, take a look at American padlocks. bill

Bailee Wilkinson says:

Great picking

Volvoswithfriends! says:

Now is there any way to take the cylinder out and also same question for a video i made if you could help on both that would be very good thank you

Marty Haste says:

Any idea on where you can buy this lock?

agxphotoinfo says:

Open. Thanks.

Lukos SilverFang says:

I modified a tool I already had to make a smaller tension tool as a temp fix, your comment about how it was a small key way made me think how I always thought and noticed that it was because all my tension tools are to big that I couldn’t pick it or move my tool around easily. So once I used a smaller tension tool I was able to pick it within an hour. I followed your steps about finding the binding pin to make the false set and I was golden, THANKS AGAIN I felt so amazing once I picked this one!

Jay H says:

I have 3 of these. It’s also known as “Brinks Marine Max Security”. Please add the name to your video description, for educational purposes. I’ve found this impossible to pick, and then I find that you have a video on them! I then found a pic of the pins and it has a variety, including spool and others… and I just picked it!! Thank you! The home-made filed down tension wrench worked. Also, a note, this is a heavy lock for it’s size.

Ragingskull says:

Brinks makes a 6 pin 50mm version of this lock. Keyway is small but the keys for each lock will not interchange with each other. I dont believe these locks are key retaining either. I could take the keys out of all those that i ahd. Or i just messed up thee locks

mmesimon27 says:

Nice work Bill.

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