[300] Squire SS65CS Stronghold (CEN 6) Padlock Picked and Gutted



I just got my hands on this lock. Probly 10 years older. With a Kaba core in it. What I noticed with yours. Its set up for U.S. market. UK’s you can put euros into them. Wonder why they didn’t do that to U.S. squire padlocks. It’s a funny one. BUT.. In the real world criminal’s don’t pick. To lazy. LOL.

Paul Mabley says:

I have one of theses and it rakes in less than 3 seconds = expensive junk

Jess Hull says:

Nice your 300th lock video! Very nice. You opened this up in the time it takes me to open up an american 200 amazing!
By now your lock collection must fill an entire room.

REDEYE Locksport says:

Nice Picking, another great lock.

kempouk says:

i just put wax in the keyhole and heat it up when i need to open it, 4 locksmiths have tried but the pins just wont drop until it is heated up lol,
gocha 🙂


Nice picking. Here in the northeast. Locksmiths take the not so good cores out. And put Ge Ge cores in the squire padlocks. Anyways thanks.

Randy Perkins says:

Nice lock. Gonna look for it right now.

Argantonis says:

It seems this would be a great lock with an abloy or a bi-lock core, but then you’d have to change the shield plate because those types of keys wouldn’t fit with the one that comes with the lock.

Potti314 says:

That’s not a bad lock at all. Great picking – thanks for showing.

The Flying Locksman says:

Congrats on 300! Nice lock too 🙂

ohioflyfisher03 says:

Where is a good place to order a pick kit on a budget

Matthew Richardson says:

Great picking . Why don’t they make it more pick resistant if they went to the trouble of anti bump just with some better driver pins

tonyholt90 says:

that was interesting with the lower pins and ledge, IV stripped a couple of squires and only found 2 spools so not surprising really. they should up there game really…

zanshibumi says:

Do you use the corners in the keyway as lever points? I intuitively do that when possible but thought of it as a bad habit.

Antony Charalambous says:

any recomendations on a good padlock need a new idea after watching this!

Kenneth Porter says:

I just spent 300 euro on this lock with an Almax 19mm 2 meter chain. To lock my motorcycle to a ground anchor. Your vid has made me think twice about my security. I hope the common scumbag bike thief has not developed these skills.


i meant to say over set.lol

Lock Noob says:

That core retaining plate/anti drill plate is one of, if not the thickest I’ve seen. Nice padlock (but I think I prefer the quirky cassette core holder of its brass brother :-))

Vincent Montibus says:

Nice picking ! Congratz for the 300 ! Keep them coming ! 🙂

TheJimhaha says:

In previous videos you have mentioned “balanced pin stacks” what is the purpose of having a balanced Pin stack?

chefgav1 says:

Great picking as always. I was looking forward to you picking this when you made the announcement a few days ago.
Keep them coming.

Bobby Keyz says:

Another great pick but that goes without saying. Thanks for sharing the lock with us.

BlackLine71 says:

Congratulations to the 300, keep doing so and for us still quite a lot of videos.

Mfawad Joe says:

hey ; can all locks be picked?

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