(311) OnGuard 50mm Padlock (AVOID THIS LOCK!!)


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Dimitar Gospodinov says:

That’s 4 keys lol

AFZAL Iftikhar says:

Gainer lock ka batao

Stan Durham says:

On tension bar(s) – “Why is it always the last one you pick up?”
 Probably because if it was the first one you wouldn’t pick up another (so I guess it WAS the last one you picked up after all). Thanks Bill, another great and entertaining vid.

Doctor Morbid says:

I wish OnGuard would send you a U-lock to check out. I had a choice of the Abus 140, the NY Mini from Kyptonite, and the OnGuard. I finally settled on the Onguard, since it had ok reviews. One oddity is seeing lots of plastic inside the bar portion, so not sure if I’m getting my money’s worth, though it’s heavy AF. I have it combined with the long NY Noose from Kyptonite.

Chaplain Dave Sparks says:

Oh, it guards against THAT sort of “bump”! I was predisposed to think of bump KEYS. Rubber might even HELP a bump key.

julien foss says:

that lock after you take off the rubber is EXACTLY the same as my dollar store lock i got for 2.50 canadian xD

DeadGhost says:

You know shit is about to go down when he uses bottom of the key way lol

chenks54 says:

@2.50 Why is it that I find my keys in the last pocket I look in  . . . rather than the first  (lol!)

Dangerous Pictures says:

is it really bump proof

Roland Lo says:

We, Hongkongers, have the following maxim:

Chinese goods are NOTHING good.

evanchapmanfanman says:

Apparently these also have PLASTIC lock cores

tubtub561 says:

Isn’t this technically defamation?

XxMatty KidxX says:

bosnianbill the type of guy to have a new intro every video.

JB says:

Bill can you explain ways to bump proof locks. is there a anti bump pin I can buy

Noel Marshall says:

Opend a 50mm in 1.30 mins but it was from China heap a crap I think it was more look than skill do took me a lot longer to open second time

Nicholas Aarons says:

The Name Should Have Been “Crap Lock”…! LOL. N.

waddac2 says:

Keys are meant to be laser cut…. I have a 200mW laser called “Lenny The Laser” that will have cut it better… May have taken years to do LOL!!!!!

Bogeyman says:

Jezus Bill! Learn to cut away from you, for Pete’s sake….you make me cringe everytime you have something sharp in your claws!

Matt Parker says:

Bill, I love your videos! Where did you get your shims?

CatalinCSC says:

It says Made in China on the back of the packaging.

Duke Brannigan says:

Have you had a look at the Beast Padlock #8101? I bought the Beast chain and padlock combo but mainly becaue the chain gets ok reviews. Was going to throw the padlock away though after seeing how poor this and their other round lock performed.

Dan Wesson says:

Bill, what kind of vice is that you use to hold the lock?

Argantonis says:

16 dollars for that is kind of steep.

Chaplain Dave Sparks says:

The problem with this channel: one tends to get paranoid about locks in general.

Or I could look at it like that story of two campers who encounter a grizzly bear. One camper starts lacing up his running shoes. The second camper says “You can’t outrun a bear”. The first camper replies “I only have to outrun YOU”.

I’m wondering what the most secure lock is that you can still get keys duplicated at the local hardware store, or one of those key copying kiosks.

Паутина # says:


Brabham Freaman says:

Was disappointed not to see the “bump-proof” claim tested. But then, why go to all that trouble when it will shim in seconds! Nice work Bill!

Pentti Jakonen says:

Sure, it’s not a great lock. But how many of you got something stolen from you and the thief picked the lock? I really don’t believe that’s happening too often. First of all, would someone good at picking be stealing bikes and emptying lockers at school? xD If you keep anything actually valuable only secured by ANY kind of padlock, your own fault really.

Nicole K says:

Do you not have laws against false advertising? Such blatant lies on the packaging would lead to its very rapid removal from the shelves this side of the pond. There might even be a fine if the offence was persistent.

Jonathan C says:

Can you do a review of the OnGuard Mastiff bike chain/lock?

Tjita1 says:

That looks surprisingly much like my Biltema padlock I bought as a beginner lock. Seems to be about the same quality too..


“3 laser cut keys”
Comes with 5 regular cut keys.

Jeromy Burks says:

you never cut toward yourself. cmon man. matter of time.

John Walker II says:

they can’t count keys either. 3 keys yet you pulled out 5… and 4 pins instead of 5.. one has to wonder about them already.

CD S says:

At 00:33 when the packaging is more secure than the lock

Sean G says:

A lock can stop a good man, but can’t stop a bed guy. If thieves really want to break into your house, they use wrench bar, not pick kit.

AFZAL Iftikhar says:

Gainer lock ka batao

dmbadcat says:

“it’s floppin around there indicating that it’s either made by master lock or…” god, you kill me

Bartooc says:

“Suggested applications – trucks, trailers, sheds,…” yea sure.

Pad Lok says:

i wish you’d cut it open & examined their ‘bumpblok’

tim bum says:

please try and bump it says it a 5 pin when its a 4 wonder what else the lied about

ragingbull warboy says:

kind of like the ace brand anti tamper lock, 45 seconds with a cheap set of picks the shackle pops. i never trust the specs on the package. mountain security is a easy to pick lock as well

Cat fish says:

shit, I have this very lock that I bought 3 weeks ago, sitting in front of me on the desk. good thing, the community I live in, is useless at lock-picking. Thanks for sharing, I think I’ll only use it or things not so valuable from now on.

Mike Ayers says:

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!! I bought one of these locks for a shed. We don’t keep anything expensive in there but just the same we wanted to add a little security. I bought a lock from this company and I didn’t even need the key to open it. That’s right, any slim piece of metal was able to turn the key-way without picking. Bought a second lock, figuring the first was defective, did the same thing. Im surprised the lock held with the tension wrench in there.

Marius Tancredi says:

Shimmed without effort, what a nice design…

Mazaroth says:

“5 Pin cylinder ofr extra pick resistance and featuring the bumblock design”

5 pins for extra pick resistance, is this master lock standard?

craig stephen says:

hmmm that looks suspiciously like the fort knox (that term should be used extremely loosely) lock I bought in a local hardware store last week, £3:50, exactly the same lock by the locks of things, once you minus the black rubber cover.

Malcolm Hingstone says:

for some reason those sounds the pins make and tools always reminds me of going to the dentist

AnythingKid123 says:

Sue OnGuard for false advertising and calling a chinese lock “high security”

Freeze Dried Girolles says:

Hey Bill. I’m looking for a good, cheap lock-pick set to start out in the hobby. Ideally, I just want one with duplicates of simple picks and raking tools, with a couple of tension tools. I’m living in the UK, so ones that are sold here with free shipping would be best. Nothing too spectacular! Thanks!

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