(405) Choosing a High Security Lock


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Miles Bader says:

Most people around here use trivial wheel-locks for their bicycle that just stop the wheel from rotating (they don’t secure it to anything), and could probably be opened just by breathing on them hard….

The reason? ’cause most people have pretty cheap bikes, and 95% of bike thefts (here) are by drunks just looking to get home faster. So _anything_ that merely prevents someone from idly riding off is good enough…..

kzif says:

I like the Abloy Protec2 PL 362. Not too bulky, and highly secure.

willian cavallari says:

u should put up what chain/cable would you put with those locks, because specially with those high end locks it seems like if the thief sees that lock hes best shot is with the chain itself.

OktoberSunset says:

I think the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is flawed as it only works in one direction. If you pay peanuts, you will definitely get crap, but if you pay a lot, sometimes you get good stuff, but sometimes you get the same crap in a shiny package.

Chris LaFond says:

Hey looks like you went on the Dillinger museum/old lake county jail tour! It was pretty interesting, just like watching you pick locks.

Old_Ford_Trucks-FF#147 says:

My dad told me as a child that the only thing that a lock is suppose to do is keep an honest man and honest man. I will buy a lock that takes someone real dishonest to get into.

Pavel A Manzyuk says:

some of these locks are worth more than my bike

Cris Chavez says:

wait are you actually in jail rn

Jason Howell says:

love it! all that in cuffs

Jack Pestaner says:

Great video, right on about master. In fact the consumer american manufacturers have turned out the worst kind of crap for resi locks too. Look at Schlage, Kwikset with all that pot metal crap. Dont even use machined brass cylinder plugs any more. There isnt a lock sold in Home Depot or Lowes i would use on my house!

niccatipay says:

I suppose i won’t need keys.I understand that it is indeed convenient that master key lock company makes it easy for lock picks, but … oh well.
I suppose people need you do pick locks to force companies to improve and innovate before people start calling them obsolete.
I thank you person in jail! Yes I thank you that you are the one of the reasons why some companies get up from their potato chair.

DISCLAIMER: I do not support illegal activities and discourage people from breaking into other peoples locks other than what they have bought.
*Legal implications vary per location*

~ Comment Operator 4

ohurley11 says:

While in the Canadian Forces we used an ABUS 85/50 lock to secure our assault rifle. I lost my key once and they had to use bolt cutters that looked about 5 feet long to cut the shackle.

Terry says:

Beware people. You can put a thousand dollar lock on your property, but it is only as secure as the putty around your windows, or the egg box plaster board your connecting doors are set in. If they can cut around it with a can opener or ladies manicure set, a million dollar lock won’t save your stuff.Check the structure of the building for weak points, and GET A GOOD ALARM FITTED. Oh, and a hungry crocodile.

Margot Stubbs says:

Thanks Bill – really interesting! No wonder you have so many followers! I have no idea whether you will get to read this or not, but it would be very interesting of you could do a. Video on the best combination or small locks – most travellers would find it fascinating. Thanks Margot

mujjuman says:

but can you break these using a hammet

Moi MacArt says:

Dang. With some of those locks it would be easier to cut the chain or what ever the lock is attached to.

cakeman58 says:

Apparently, employees of Master Lock Co are required to down-vote this video.

BrutusPalmeira says:

You can feel the lock loving in this video, heck now I want one of those beefie weird key locks for my storage. But they look fancy, they might think I have some valuables to protect… making me, most likely to get torched…

9Mystere9 says:

Honest question: Are there criminals who are even going to attempt to pick anything at the level of American Lock or better? If they see any of these wouldn’t their first inclination be bolt-cutter, grinder, drill, sledge, or other route of entry?

Garrick Stricklin says:

I’ve been looking for a hobby that can keep my interest and you sir have helped me find it! thank you!!

motorcycleguy73 says:

what is a good combination lock

Geoff Cunningham says:

I use an Abloy 362 to lock up my bike (with a thick hardened chain). Is this an inferior version of the 340 BosnianBill is talking about?

Yora Nidiot says:

… thanks, BB!! great video.. no need for me to look at another one!

LSX_ moe says:

I have not a single idea on how locks work, but there’s only 1 way to open them that I know of….

acetaline torch…

WeTheTech says:

Nothing will stop someone with an angle grinder…

Keagan Extreme Gaming says:

I want the best

WheresNoldo says:

Everybody who watched this video is now capable of stealing anything locked with a masterlock o.O

Neal Kleinman says:

I love you video.  I would like to know what kind of chain you would use. And what would you use to secure a travel trailer?

taz sharif says:

Excellent videos!

pokedude104 says:

lol there is no technique to those master locks at all, put tension on it, jam something small enough to fit in there and wiggle it a bit and its open. Pathetic

toadamine says:

I have a Knaack tool box, it’s designed to work with a master lock number five size lock, a suitable alternative would need to be a similar size, I have an Abus 88/50 which is close but the body is not thick enough to keep the locking bar from moving out of position when “locked”… any suggestions… I’m looking at an Abloy 340, and Abus Grant 37/55 but not sure if they will work, any experience with knaack boxes?

ipwnuall1998 says:

has this guy never heard of bolt cutters?

ferna2294 says:

Precision FOUR pin core…

Hie Do says:

who is that guy middle finger at the end of video? we should Pinch and twist his nipple :DDD

ferna2294 says:

I like the fact that you are handcuffed.

sniperdgs says:

ive seen those master locks smashed into in like 2 seconds…

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