(41) Abus Diskus Model 24/60 Padlock Picked Open


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weasel884 says:

had one of these and lost the key to it.tryed bolt cutters and ever so slightly bent the case and then i found the key….too late once the case is bent in the ever so slightest way you can’t use the key.so an hour later with the cutting wheel it was off.

DrBint says:

Great job again mate, you’re keeping me busy tonight! These can be tricky wee things cos they need a good bit of tension to open fully sometimes. The master no. 40 is a joke compared to these though lol, you should pick one up for comparison. :o)

slendy9600 says:

whats the difference between this and 23/60? anything significant?

The crazy Weaponcrafter says:

I picked a Discus Today with the Goso Set i mentioned Earlier.I raked it open with a Tool which has 2 half Circles.
The Trick is to stay high in the key way..dont press down on the pins when you rake them,push up against the tension Wrench.
Its the first lock except of the Clear Training Lock i ever picked 🙂

MrXHammerx says:

???? the hole in the rear in last frame Can you pick through there?

Skaribou says:

One of these was the very first lock i managed to open, just after unboxing my first picks. Without any skill i managed to rake it open in a matter of seconds. That was a big surprise, i considered it to be the best lock of the ones i had to play with, since it was the most expensive one ^^

scarz1951 says:

I’ve been watching these older vids and they’ve got me practicing back to front picking. I’ve always, and still do, pick from front to back but now realize that some locks are much easier to open front to back. It never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn from picking old familiar locks in different ways. These vids started me thinking along some very interesting lines. It’s safe to say that I’m easily entertained but my picking has improved. I recently retired my 25 year old Southord picks, bit the bullet and bought some Peterson picks. Great picks! Like Bill told me, good picks equal better picking.

MrXHammerx says:

4:42 for hole shot (no Banana’s pls)

breadfan262 says:

Crazy how similar lock body designs can be. I have a Chateau C970 with the EXACT same body design. Think it’s a 5 pinner with low bitting. Have gotten that thing open just by sticking my city rake in and turning.

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