[419] “Unpickable” Europa Diamant 14 Pin Padlock Picked


Robert Brunston says:

Very good!

Tomas Baptist says:

So The one with the two keys just means that the left key is absolutely useless, it could just as good not work and you would never notice since you need the right one to open it, but you don’t need the left one.

Peksi Sarvinen says:

I have NO idea why I’m watching this, but one can always appreciate skills as refined as these in action.

J B2018 says:

LPL thank you for your interesting videos
Is it harder to pick a lock if you don’t know what the key looks like?

John Smith says:


Alexander Alfons says:


miky master says:

You are the best !!!

MonstA G says:

F*ucked 14 pin unpickable

Hard Style says:

Oh snaps, I never knew locks could be so fancy!

Ryben Flynn says:

“Master Key” will open any lock. It’s called a Bolt Cutter. No need to pick the lock.

Joseph F says:

Buttplug design 3:00

Andy says:

India needs better locks because well india……

ChewDaGum says:

My man’s been playing The Elder Scrolls without alerting anyone

Brian Cockburn says:

Hi, any chance we will get to see the Godrej dual access padlock some time soon?

Forrest Morgan says:


Abhishek Soni says:

After watching a lock picking video, mostly yours, I ordered a lock picking kit from Tomtop.com and the first lock I tried was this europa. off course I failed but Thankfully I watched this vedio so now I won’t play with this lock because it’s in use and is expensive (for me atleast). Anyway, great video.. Also, India has a long and rich history in lock making, if you’re interested..

Vincent Venturella says:

enjoy your insane skills. knew there were lots of types, not this many. I started this as a hobby, by just finding old locks w/o keys, on the street or wherever, then WD-40, rest heat, repeat, then try to pick them !! part problem solving, intuition, puzzlement, technique, and dexterity !

Higor Guedes says:

Poor lock was raped

Mineav says:

Is theft and break-ins a big thing in India or something? Seems they go the extra mile to make very strong locks.

Larry Maybury says:

The one with 2 keys, I don’t get it. If you need the master key, in other words you need the supervisor or equivalent authority to be present, then why not just have them use their one key? What good id it to have the lower key?

Dolphinboi says:


Joel Paschall says:

lockpicking 100

MH L says:

Is there something called a “secure lock” on earth?!
Every video I watch on this channel makes me a bit more paranoid!

soumik biswas says:

y not in India??? chut

Patrick Piard says:

666 lock obviously breaks thanks Satan/Obama

Kerus says:

There’re some funny locks in this video, I’d like to watch them all.

Daniel Forrest says:

One of my new favorite channels. Thanks for the great content.

OmniaLicita says:

its pronounced like “Dee-ah-m-ah-nt”
Nice vid!

Chris Phoenix says:

Awesome video man. Hey what’s the name and model of the pick set you use?

Edward Gein says:

Finally got my grandpa’s grow room unlocked, thanks a million.

Colin Hession says:


OptimisticPessimist says:

How about a lock that requires an encrypted key from an encrypted memory card embedded on a plate of metal or plastic similar in size to a key where the key doesn’t turn but the lock unlocks or reports you to the police immediately with a video and also takes an air sample? And not some stupid design where defeating it means you get in, but also signals the police while a fail over mechanism locks the door some other way.

Marvin Lambert says:

Bolt cutters

Doom2pro says:

Someone needs to invent an induction lock, magnetics, induction, turning of key provides unique induction signature + unlocking & locking energy… It would set lock pickers back quite a while.

Edwin Cheesecake says:

I knew a guy who owned a small chicken farm. The barn was split, one half for chickens, other half was work area. Really strong lock on the work entrance, no lock (and usually open door) on the chicken entrance. Putting aside the idiocy of relying on only wire fencing to keep out foxes or other creatures, the fact that there was basically no security on one side defeated the lock.

I guess it’s like locking your front door every time you use it, but leaving the back door or a ground-level window open.

No point in a good lock if you fail to actually secure your property. Almost like using a bike lock to “secure” a bicycle to a pole. They’re not going to be bothered by a lock if they can just lift the bike off the pole.

Thatcher Nap says:

“micron accuracy”
So a spec of dust on your key would render it unusable

PhanThePanda says:

I think the lock broke just because it says 666 on it

Stormborn Apostle says:

“This lock is pretty tricky. It took me, oh, three or four…”

Me: “Hours?”


MrNess223 says:

lol, so who’s gets to call Europa and tell them about their false advertising? I would like to listen to that phone call assuming they don’t just hang up… please ask them to define unpickable.

Stefan Reich says:

Your pronunciation of Diamant is close… it’s pronounced “Dee-uh-MUNT”

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