(42) Abus 72/40 Padlock Picked Open and Gutted


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Marcus Jones says:

so ive been watching your videos for months now and you inspired me to get into picking, i already had one of these locks laying around and so i made my own picks and tension tools, i used feeler gauge to make my picks and the blade of a butter knife to make my tension wrench, 6 pins and 5 security pins was a daunting challenge for me to pick as my first lock, but after only 8 or 9 tries, pulling the lock apart to inspect the pins to make sure i wasnt chewing them up too much, and peeking at the key a few times, i finally got it, i was blown away and it felt great to manage to open the lock without a key picking each pin individually, so i had to lock it back up and try again to make sure i didnt fluke it, and within 2 minutes it was open again 😀

Ultimate Unnamed says:

Hi everyone yesterday I baught this lock but I think in the new Version.
On the Bottom it says XH.
1. is there a Translation Chart that Translates this Code to a production Date?
2. When I took it apart I discovered a mayor Weakness the same that Bill mentioned in one of his Masterlock videos.
On the side of the Body is drainhole that is perfectly aligned with the screwhead.
So if you drill that hole wich shouldn’t be a problem on an aluminium Lock the Core would slide out and baam in.
What do you think, I know that is is not intended to be a high security Lock but still for an Abus rating of 6 a bit. disappointing.

breadfan262 says:

Pretty new to lock picking and a friend gave me an Abus to mess with. Are all the key pins rounded or kinda V-shaped? I’m having a helluva time with pick placement.

julien foss says:

i picked this lock in like 5 minutes and its the first lock ive ever picked with security pins ive had it for a day

Serdar Gentsch says:

These locks are so called “Love locks”. They are mostly sold to teenagers. The locksmith engraves 2 names and a heart on the lock body and the teenagers go and put this lock at a bridge bar and throw the keys in to the river. To make the engraving easier the lockbody is made from soft metall alluminum. I wonder Bill did not put one of this on a bridge. Or he maybe did. Who knows.

TheCaptain008 says:

Lol, I assemble these for a living.

bosnianbill says:

Absolutely, but not with he normal bypass tool. See the complete story by diceman1367 that he posted about a week ago.

Kerry Huston says:

your like Bob Ross of the lock picking world. great show.

Adrian Weber says:

DAMN IT!!!! I just did a video on that padlock today mentioning you at the end because I did not take the core apart 😛

Art Connolly says:

Finally GOT IT! man that was an adventure. I spp’d it upside down and I could feel the feedback alot easier. Also the lock after I got a huge false set would act frozen. So I sprayed it with some special sauce and 4.5 minutes later I picked it for the first time.
Aweasome feeling finally cracking it. Thanks for all the great videos I’ve learned a ton.
PS I’ve been waiting patiently for a new BB video…..

phri says:

watching bill take 7 mins to pick this lock makes me feel so much better about having trouble with this lock

Adrian Weber says:

Well I think I’m still gone upload it though 😉

popolz says:

Newbie here… I’ve been picking at my 72/40 for a week. Still can’t get it opened. I do get quite a few clicks and get a good false set but no joy.

Noctis Motus says:

Thanks, Bill. Just grabbed myself one of these. Let the fun begin!

Rob Risla says:

Great picking again Bill, did you really say “if you don’t like the Abus core, you can change it”? Who wouldn’t like the Abus core! I have ordered 2 of these locks, on your recommendation, so I have a lot of frustration in the post! Keep up the good work mate.

DrBint says:

Good stuff bill! Abus are fun to pick, more than decent for the price.

Your vids are great quality man, and professional! I’ll be recommending everyone to check them out. Even though you don’t swear as much as me. 😛

VicariousReality7 says:


brent davis' cool things says:

i remember back in the days i did not know how to pick a lock……

Jay O says:

nice lil lock, kinda sux i cant find any abus’s where i live, all we have at our stores are master lock, lol, id have to order these, and i rarely order things but this might b a good buy for a newb like myself


nice work I love Abus locks

bosnianbill says:

Yes, 15, but I’m not counting my mother or her bridge group, so 2. You and somebody else that must have subscribed by mistake…;)

JB says:

will a wafer stop the abus bypass tool?

TutsTeach says:

The Abus site says security rating of 6. Is this better anti-picking protection? Does this aluminum padlock have enough physical protection from cutting etc?

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

Are these bypass-able with a long/skinny knife shim tool through the keyway?

Nicholas Aarons says:

Great video as usual Bill keep up all the great work. 😀 N.

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