(46) Review: American Padlock Bypass Tools by Peterson


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Joshua Bliffen says:

Can you put more than one like 4 of them or is then not room for that?

sweety black says:

last year i had my motorcycle stolen i had cheap wheel locks on it this year i went out and bought one of those American locks  with a 3/4 diameter  link steel chain  and was going to chain my bike to a tree now  that wont work and i need to know the improvement for that lock because my lock was almost $50 by itself

Shayne Williams says:

Gotta love engineering wars LOL. Team petterson for the win, bad guys for the win XD

MarkGards2 says:


getredytagetredy says:

Nice video-very good–btw/-Nice fingers for guitar playin’…

Zaid mxd says:


Wayne Winton says:

A: Is American Lock owned by Master Lock now? If they are the brand is doomed anyways. B: I appreciate your level of commitment to making the video and having the proper tools to do so but couldn’t this lock be picked or simply cut as an easier solution?

scrabbytoy1 says:

I’ll tell you why. Those shackles are super thick and I’m 99.9999999% sure made of haredened steel. 1.) They don’t make “standard” BOLT cutters that will cut that lock shackle and 2.) 10 guys don’t have enough muscle in their asses to cut that schacle. Now, that being said, I HAVE seen “hydraulic” rebar cutters that’ll cut 1″ diameter in about 15 seconds but, A.) they’re noisey and B.) you have a table to work on. Best to plug in a big cut-off 1/2 HP saw & throw sparks everywhere for an hour.

Makua_ Aloha says:

What kind of locks can you use bypass tools on? I just started lockpicking a couple of weeks ago and my uncle gave me his old set that had some bypass tools with it.

58belvedere says:

great videos thanks I picked my first padlock today it’s a Abus (r) 45/65
I’m hooked for sure!!

frank doemen says:

thanks for showing the American age sheet bill,

jose medina says:

thanks for the vid im going to try it for my self..

Joe Riggs says:

I just did a video on how to mentally decode the American Lock date codes in seconds, easily, without the need for cheat sheets. It’s a system I came up with. People seem to be enjoying it in the forums. anyways great video, just got my bypass tool in the mail today!

Just me says:

American pad lock must hate you

Jackcc5 says:

wow that was very interesting

JimmyJoker says:

U must make alot of people angry

Zaid mxd says:

can u tell me how to pen a lock with a square key hole

Spyro the Dragon says:

i find it funny that some people comment on these videos saying how it’d just be easier to destroy the lock in some crazy way. of course it would be. no need to get all high on yourself because you thought of that. these videos are about lockpicking as a hobby, not an actual criminal activity. this guy’s actually made several videos warning consumers about certain brands and showing how to *prevent* criminals from breaking into things.

LKN4WAR says:

Is the way to prevent this to buy abloy protec? Lol


great video! Peterson vs American lock and it looks like Peterson for the win………for now

LKN4WAR says:

Thanks bill, yeah I’ll consider that for lower Risk apps like grab n go robberies of stuff in truck bed. One other question. Is the six pin schlage that looks like the locks in this video same cylinder design?

Biff Nasty says:

smart engineer? the shit should of been in the lock in the first place. and then to add a super thin wafer instead of hardened steel is completely stupid.

Zerobladetion Wot says:

I have the same lock. Thought it’s a off the shelf brand lock call Cod security.

wb5mgr says:

@scrabbytoy1 next time I see one of these I have to remove ill cut it off with my 42″ bolt cutters that stay in the van rather than pick it just for you… It’s a great lock but not an abloy 362 or something monster like that.

scrabbytoy1 says:

Mr. Bill: I only “play” w/ Standard, Yale, etc., & shim cheap dial locks w/ shims I’ve made from heavy black paper clip steel & tin snips. (it’s surprising the curve in the big paper clips almost matches the curve of the shackle!) I plan to buy proffesional “shims” soon. My REAL question to U is: “R a set of PADLOCK (not auto) {Jigglers} worth spending the money on”? I would buy from a quality dealer to get the best steel, but DO THEY WORK? I have snap gun I’ve never been able to pop a lock w/.

Johnny VNE says:

After using the wafer breakers to gain access for the bypass, will the lock still function properly with the key? Will there be a noticeable tell that the lock has been tampered with?

max factor says:

Angle grinder the shit out of him

LKN4WAR says:

Thanks for replies. Is the ABUS 83/55-300 worthless with the schlage C cylinder? Can a different cylinder be used in that body? Zero bitter body is cheap. Cylinder seems weak point.

dlk1952 says:

Yes but what if you wanted to enter a space more than once and not leave a clue? If the lock is cut,then the owner/someone would know something is amiss and take better precautions. With the wafer already defeated,you could come and go as you wish.

Wayne Winton says:

I also admire your defence about repeted re-entry to the location through this by pass method but lets be honest here if they want in that bad they would breech any lock put on the the location and only mutipule layers of security such as cameras and motion sensors would turly solve the problem.

Krish Patel says:

hey bill may i have some locks because i am new

Rocketlockopener says:

Hi bill I have been looking for the little round waffers that are found in these locks could you link me to a site that sells them

Aspie Pickerr says:

Interesting how it works and the history about how the lock manufacturers and pick makers both in effect motivate each other to improve their products and innovate.

wb5mgr says:

Two problems with this approach and why AL wafer essentially solves the issues. If you are a criminal and you could just bypass the lock that left little or no trace of you entering but beating that breaker tool in is just one step shy of bolt cutters. Sure the lock is still visually intact but any smith would know what happened. Also, what criminal wants to sit there and beat on a lock in a hallway or a back yard in the dark for 5 min with a hammer and a tool, much easier just to cut the lock.

Deputy276 says:

Good grief. You better have a bunch of handcuff keys on your person when you do this as it takes so long every cop in the neighborhood will be standing there watching you. This is fine for working in a locksmith shop, but how many criminals are gonna fart around taking all that time to defeat the lock? Answer: none. They will take along a portable Roto Zip with a metal cutting wheel and that shackle will be gone in a matter of seconds. This video may be technically interesting, but it is real world useless. Bottom line is ANY lock can be defeated with the proper tools and equipment.

LKN4WAR says:

The 994831 Schlage is model I meant in lower question.


I rather simply pic it and every one I can see out there

duction says:

great vid, sub’d

commandolockcompany says:

Great video Bill. There’s nothing better than seeing tools used in real world scenerios.

madjack821 says:

if I don’t get anything else from this vid, I’ll at least get “Harder than woodpecker lips” ha! Great vid though. I only found your channel a few days ago (same time I seriously started picking.) I’ve learned so much. Thank you.

Phat_Boy 412 says:

I have this set for sell if anyone needs it. i have no use for them! u can e mail me at wmooreiv210@gmail.com

Alexandre Carmel-Veilleux says:

Is this limited to NKR actuators or will this also work with NRK (key retaining)? I know the NKR actuator can be turned (because it has to allow return of key while lock is open) but I would think the NRK actuator would not be vulnerable.

Austin Moore says:

How does the Master No. 230 compare to the American 700 series?

Kenny Lido says:

After seeing this, I quickly went to my garage and looked for an OLD AMERICAN 700 Series lock I’ve had for years!! (I opened it up and removed the inside)
its dated RFF (September 99) To my amazement, it had a wafer inside!!

JCY Locksmith Services says:

Wouldn’t a grinder be quicker!

mgt00656 says:

what year was cut off for improvement??

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