[471] The Top Ten Biggest and Baddest Padlocks


Terrell Johnson says:

I need number 10 for my porn cabinet

brooks weiss says:

Medeco made a shrouded lock and so did American – the 747. How do they stack up? The American has an anti-pick shroud around the key way and drill resistant pins in the core. Both in the $70 range.

t Mann says:

Just cut off the hasp . cheap pt metal on all trucks and containers

chevyengine307 says:

Bounded locks better than squire locks. Lol bounded locks

circusboy90210 says:

lol disc detainer locks are just as easily picked.

Dancing100 Countries says:

Which is best in terms of resistance, the PL362 or the Squire SS80CS?

Mark Anthony Stringfellow says:

Great List! Ive collected a few padlocks over the years, I have Rotaloks in open, semi and fully enclosed versions and different shackle lengths are available too. One Big one is the Chubb Hercules with 10 Disc Avia Retainer, its limited use for containers but a cool piece.Just to note at the yard I used a giant kasp as in the video but it corroded badly and was difficult for the liveries to open.I Even replaced the ball bearings that were rusting too and replaced with silicon nitride but I had to replace it.on stripping it down it seemed to be double Nickel plated but body, shackle and bearings would flake and became very rust aggressive! The squire stronghold was much better but abloy number1 for anti corrosion :-))

niketin8 says:

Abloy is from Finland 🙂

Ethan Dunchack says:

a few months ago, i came across a lock in a place i shouldnt say where. very military looking. full titanium body and it was huge. couldnt fit in my hand. googled the name and i got no results. very shiny unpolished metal body. and guesses? name googled on old phone, so i wont be able to find my search.

Larry Sledge Jr says:

is there a such thing as in bullet/bolt cutter proof chain? if so where can i get it from? i have a very,very big problem with theifs.

Chris Ryl Mertalla says:

It’s the biggest but not baddest

Eli Channel says:

Where to find the Assa Ruko 4-5?

Rosh Yamamoto says:

that Abloy can be opened in 36 seconds as shown to me by a person working in sold secure, imagine the price of that lock and being opened in less than a minute.

TheBadboyhouse says:

Love both your and bosnianbill’s videos! These types of videos are so damn entertaining!

Larry C says:

Nice video. Can you (or have you) pick the 831 or other military locks? You don’t mention a picking video of those locks.

LockPickingLawyer says:

At 7:30, I misspoke… the shackle is 18mm, not 18 inches!

doom bringer says:

if you want to see how strong the number 7 lock is look it up on demo ranch the lock is worth 500 dollars.

Jordan Mok says:

Yea those greenlee locks are expensive, but dam they are tough. I bet with a better core they would be even better. But they are usually used with the shroud too, and with that, you will pretty much never get to the shackle and the top of it or really torque it as it barley fits into it.

itchypix3l says:

Those poor military musicians! :'( 8:18

mick james says:

Makes a video about some of the best padlocks out there. “If you wanna see how to open tho go here.”

Larry Sledge Jr says:

where can i buy these padlocks? also are there torch proof and bullet proof? i have a HUGE,HUGE problems with people breaking my padlicks. please help me!!!!

Nino Savukoski says:


Daniel Martin says:

What kind of lock do you recommend putting on an enclosed trailer? I thought about an American lock flat back hidden shackle padlock?

robb pratt says:

still get any padlock ope and gone in less than 30 seconds

keshlalish says:

we got a company in canada that say they got the best trailer lock, check out amplock

Bantie says:


snowman379 says:

And… why would you lock up military musicians? They’re POGs, but come on man they’re not THAT bad! 😉

Oblivius says:

wtf am i doing here

hardman8903 says:

Tired of hearing this over voice.. why didn’t you make normal???

Noah Oleefe says:

Couldn’t you literally just take an angle grinder to all or those and open them in seconds

Arrow says:

Badest? I don’t want to be a cunt,and i am not a english speacker but i think the right word is worse

Maxwell Bernstein says:

They all have such huge shackles, what could you possibly use them on but chain?

Lyle Pelissier says:

I would like to see the manf name on a card or somthing where I can copy it down for more look see

LKN4WAR says:

Great video. Would be nice if Abus made the 83/80 with a closed shackle and disc plus keyway. Would be pretty formidable esp at the lower cost compared to some others.

Ken Nixon says:

I would add an S & G 951, Anchor LAS w/ EVVA MCS Core, or a Best 91B — Personally I don’t like the esthetics of a “Shrouded” Padlock so my pick for the most beautiful huge lock is the Abus 83/80 Rock

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