[52] Master “Magnum” Padlocks Picked and Bypassed

The security provided by “box store” locks is generally unimpressive. If people knew how bad the locks they use to secure their valuables are, they would be appalled!

In this video, I address two locks that are sold as “high security,” but would give a skilled thief only a few moments of pause. I bypass the Master M176 faster than you can open the lock by entering the combination. I then pick open the M930 in seconds.


jack suquett says:

today I went to Ace Hardware, and they had nothing but master and Ace signature series. I think they were masteocks.

fishingandvaping says:

you hammer the core out with the key way facing the crimp easy did three already they o
pin up nice

Modern Leveller says:

Master locks has to be owned and operated by master criminals who design and distribute easy to open locks around the world. Their cunning plan to make the world think they are secure! Mwah ha ha ha! LOL

floorpizza says:

LPL, did it turn out that the core from the Master Lock LOTO was a direct plug-n-play replacement for the core that came stock in the M930?

moik145 says:

i just cut the crimps off my master m930,& gutted it. Thought it was 1, or 2 spools with the rest standards. Nope all spools! really easy bitting though. standard key pins.

Noctis Motus says:

Wow, thanks for taking one for the team, so to speak. 🙂 The term, security theater, comes to mind; the practice of investing in countermeasures intended to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to actually achieve it.

richardwales says:

love it! great video.

mc4bbs says:

I use that same keyed Master Lock for triple-locking my motorcycle. I took heat from a fellow TOOOL member who said it wasn’t a good choice — however, bear in mind: I have a microwave-based proximity sensor alarm, a built-in handlebar (column) locking mechanism and the orientation of the lock, once in place is very tricky to work with — the keyhole points downward toward the street and there are all sorts of things in the way making a tension tool difficult to place. This, combined with the ultra-durable hasp makes this a good lock for my specific use, in my opinion. What do you think?

steve lowry says:

Interesting term ‘up to snuff’ had to google that one. Apparently you can extend the phrase to ‘ up to snuff and a pinch beyond”


Where do you get your tools from

jack suquett says:

haha! I did that yesterday! same exact shit!

Brett Young says:

Lpl very vague and difficult question… I’m new to ur channel but tbh ur the only channel Iv watched so far and Iv watched idk how many videos of yours in the past few days but I had a question… Out of all the common retail stores what brand and model of padlock would you recommend for most pick/ whatever proof?

Peter M says:

Pound maybe wise, penny foolish! They scrimp and save in all the wrong areas!

Jason Christian says:

A walk through in how you changed it would be great, if not too late.

Potti314 says:

Frightening how fast the combination lock opened. I cannot believe that Master has overseen this design defect. The other Master will become a great lock after your changes; a sleeper lock 😉

Mr. Apparatus says:

Dude, you rock! Thank you!

vde says:

I have one of these and as shameful as it may sound it is not just 5-4-3-2-1 open :/ No idea why. Probably some freak accident 😛
Good antydemo on masters 😛

Rob Miller says:

I’m a beginner working on my first lock, a Master M1. I’ve been able to get all the pins up, but no joy opening it. your video refers to false pins and counter rotation. what is that about? how can I tell how many pins there are from the key? also how do you know they are above the shear line?

Wayne S. says:

who the hell hasn’t heard of Abus locks?

Jordan Scoville says:

My theory is they do it for cops and fire department personnel… most people are gonna buy it and if you not skilled ( other then that combo one) it can be tricky “the LLL is really skilled and has a range of picks… very cool review though.

Steven Pierce says:

Thank you for the great vid’s. I am learning a lot from you. I have a master that you show, and not able to pick as of yet. Then again I am very new to this. Only been doing it for about 2 weeks. I have picked two other locks. Thank you again..

Jason Tucker says:

There is probably a decent market for selling repinned master locks seeing as how the body’s seem to be decent quality.

Eye-On-Stuff says:

Nice video! can you recommend a place online where I can purchase a repinnable cores for this padlock. Thanks

Not Pulverman says:

I was able to overcome the crimp by just pressing the core with my thumb and twisting(turning with the key)… It’s hardly as “permanent” as it seems

- JMT - says:

I thought you and Bosnian Bill were just really good… And you are… but I’ve been picking locks for 1 day and can consistently get into my Master that “secures” my ladders on my truck within 10-15 seconds. Excellent examples from yourself and Bill, along with a weak lock makes for early (undeserved) confidence!

Papa Gleb says:

I think the store rep guided you wrong, they also have Americans which by now are under cover master locks lol.

David Regier says:


Jonnie Bangkok says:

Master Lock OWNED.

Wayne S. says:

hardware stores only carry junk locks.

Jeff Moss says:

Well done! Are you still going to send me those Best cores (or was that someone else)?

Chris L says:

I got one of those big ones from lowes for practice. they have made the core a bit better. it has a key like the core from LOTO now.

that zombies player says:

If you going to YouTube there is a video that unknowingly demonstrates the best way to test how hard a shackle is. Some of you may know this YouTube channel and is personally one of my favorite channels he doesn’t do lock videos okay he has two lock videos on his channel but there’s reasons. The video is from Demolition Ranch. The title is destroying a $900 lock for those of you who know what time will it Ranch does you may have seen this video you may not have but you probably know what I mean if you haven’t seen the video but you do know a demolition Ranch is

tamas tamas says:

Sir! You just roasted everyone; the Depo, Master, and your friend 😀

crispey bear says:

thought i’d watch someone else have a deserved pop at Master, not holding out hope of much else, then you drag a box of lock porn onto the table….i cricked my neck double taking that beautiful box! great vid, very enjoyable, cheers 😉

Kent Teffeteller says:

No stinking keys necessary either. More than 50 ways to pick a Master Lock.

circusboy90210 says:

how about a mauer core in the 930??

LockMan28 says:

Totally agree~ its so odd how they get a great body but totally fail on the core.

After your replacement though- it should be a decent lock!

Carolyn Osteen says:

Help my sister and I cannot get into her master lock 176 series with the ez decoder. I got a set of two of them and promptly broke one off in the lock. We could not get the bypass key that came with it to work, and the reset key does not work either. She has it on the door of her shipping container that she bought for storage and needs to get into it. The lock is inside a sort of pocket area on the doors so it’s tough to push on the arched metal while pressing on the decoder” any suggestions?

Peter M says:

I agree; Master is really falling down, has been for a while. The combination lock is a disaster, in fact there are issues with the Master school locker combination locks with batches being shipped with same combinations. It appears today good padlocks start at $90.00 each! Good demonstration by the way.

2LeftThumbs says:

If you still have this padlock, how about testing it against the pipe wrench? The shackle is definitely very hard, but is it also tough? great video, did your friend reimburse you for these? Looks like he owes you some tuition fees too;)

RC Fast Bash And Crash says:

So what is a good lock to get? For Chaining things together or for a Trailer lock for the ball on the tongue of a trailer?

Evan Chan says:

I don’t know why, but the lock makers (especially Chinese, they have bad body bad core) love to have hard body but terrible core
Or the opposite

Eli Channel says:

Most criminals try to break padlocks than pick them, am I right?

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