[523] Disc Padlock: Twist Attack


Ally B says:

Try Again with a stronger hasp ???

Taunter Atwill says:

Yes not enough protection but it’s not the lock this time . . . RIGHT!?! Lawyer?

GreyHound says:

“We have broken the hasp” Duh!!! lol why would you go after the lock when the hasp is the weak link??

andy pugh says:

There’s more than one way to use a disc padlock: https://photos.app.goo.gl/p2J9sCYx6YkkB5Zv8

cirillo marcano jr. says:

I just broke my key in my padlock like to my Storage unit can o use these methods

Arsh Aalam says:

ye sab galat h mere bhai

Khan Shahbaz says:

Ye bahut galat hai ye cheez ke bare me kisi ko nahi nahi batana chaiye ye aap ko log bahut galat kar rahe ho is tarah vodeo upload kar ke

Jake Leatherman says:

This man just robbing houses on the low, and getting money from documenting it on YouTube. Legend.

Mmmyess says:

The disc padlock SHOULD provide you with more confidence that it will provide significant additional protection because not all staples and hasps will be as weak as those in this video.

tenshi7angel says:

I would have used the round shipping container lock. Only way to get in is to pick it, if you know how.

Rab Shan says:

Crowbar will do it

Gohot229 says:

No problem, the guys that tried to bust in and steal my bikes are resting comfortably down by the creek.

D A says:

pointless….you attacked the weakest link and you knew it….put the lock in a vise next time

Thubten says:

Good instruction for thieves.

Mopartoolman says:

Padlocks only deter ‘slightly’ honest people.

Josh Sheets says:

We sometimes use a 48” pipe wrench at work. I’ll bet this would be a lot easier with one of those haha.

009 kumar says:

best video

bjtaudio says:

It actually the staple and hasp that fails in twist attacks, most door locks the use padlocks are so weak you and twist the padlock back and forth with you’re hands and break the pad lock off. The bigger and stronger the padlock the easier it is, as it gives you more leverage.


Good series shit episode do it right.

Christopher Lawler says:

How about using this disk-style padlock on a hasp with a free-spinning staple?

You’re probably much better off with drilling out the vulnerable brass key-cylinder, as the shackle is also pretty well obstructed or guarded against cutting/shearing attacks with angle-grinders or bolt-cutters.

Gray Fox says:

It’s only as strong as the weakest link

nathan mcillwain says:

You need see a doctor ,your fingers shouldn’t be red like that!

peter van says:

Did the lock still work ok after that?

Kevin Reynolds says:

You continually surprise. Thanks again.

John Smith says:

I picked a master lock version of this yesterday. Was my first pick!! Saved $25

nilesh suryawanshi says:


Vincent Venturella says:

it is easier to protect your property with a loaded gun, vs a pad lock.

Howard Bamber says:

Great series! First lock I picked was the discus in 5 min

Amit Saxena says:

Chal jhantu

Au/Ag 999 says:

The disc padlock provides a nice grip for the pipe wrench!

Manmohan Singh says:


Khan Shahbaz says:

Matalab ab koi apne ghar me lock kar ke kahi jaa bhi nahi sakta

Sk Sirtaj says:

Afsar Ali

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