[539] Sobo SPRS60 Disc Detainer Padlock Picked


Smuckers T says:

For a chinese lock that isnt bad

Rey mey bae says:

Are there any locks you can’t pick?

William Mancel says:

Nice to see them at least try to fix the easy bypass.

Devin Michel says:

oh boy, if you could do a video talking about picking disc detainer locks, the modifications you made on your pick, and other related things that would be amazing. there’s not a lot out there about that particular style of lock!

Vince Valenti says:

I have an Abloy PL 342 that looks almost identical to this. Hopefully it’s Protec2 core is a little more difficult to get into. 🙂

mantiscity says:

Where did you get that pick?

Sami Anttila says:

If they copy Abloy’s looks, why don’t they copy the mechanism?

Mark England says:

Glad to see you attacking disc detainer locks. Is your tension pretty stiff with these as well as pin tumblers? (I couldn’t tell…)

Smuckers T says:

Is the shackle just say hardened or is it actually hardened?

GearLab says:

How do those disc detainer locks differ from others such as the Abus 20/70 or Abus 20/80 diskus locks as the keys don’t look all that different. However the Abus locks are virtually un-pickable.

Nick Barnes says:

First comment

Wynn Stewart says:

I get the picking these with special tools, but these are not easily obtained or more important easily improvised tools. Most dumb thieves wouldn’t even know of such a thing or carry such a tool. Especially something like your modified tool for disc retainers. The major reason Americans don’t care about picking is because destructive entry is so much easier and quicker. If the asshole is stealing something he will be just fine destroying the lock or cable,chain,hasp, or whatever lock is attached to. We have a big problem with illegal third world immagration, these people are destructive and sticky fingered, with a strong taste for welfare. This is the destruction of the United states!. Rant over. Thank you for your great work and documenting it with public media. This is what makes US real.

Amber Bruner says:

So what padlock do you recommend? I need the best one I can buy under $100. Please your expertise would be so greatly appreciated

Dave Joseph says:

I wonder — are there any cheap disc detainer locks with removable cores? You could then carefully file false gates onto the discs and improve them.

Larry G says:

Thank you Mr.L.L

Dylan Jones says:

What is a good basic clear pad lock pick set to start learning with?

bird718 says:

pricy chinese lock

Gnome Star says:

Nice to see you finally going after disc detainers.

socialmarauder says:

Is a destructive keyway pry attack and gutting video in the works for this lock? I’m curious as to whether it is any better than the usual Chinese disc detainer in terms of vulnerability to being disemboweled.

Tristan james brumley 1 says:

can I have that lock plz need one

tonyholt90 says:

Nice work…

Kyle Corey says:

Problem child lol

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