[572] Yale Y130/70 Disc Padlock Picked


PsychoticBovine says:

ramset! right to it’s smug face!

God :-O says:

*Ramset Ramset Ramset!!!*

Yoshi says:

can you please do a video on the motorcycle alarm lock

Satisek says:

I watched a lot of videos of people picking Disc Padlocks, to me it seems like they are just a waste of money. Is there any disc padlock that can provide some actual security against lockpickers?

Reckless Roges says:

Could you try picking this when it is attached to a door to see how much harder it is?

Jolly Peanut says:

LPL I like the look of the picks you use Who makes the & where do you get them from…Thanks

Mr Nope says:

I think, you should try the ramset pick 😛

Russell Hltn says:

I’m surprised how much rotation you got as the pins were set. Seems like sloppy machining. I’d expect very little rotation until all were in place.

Derek Young says:

Thanks for this video. As the lock slowed YOU down I’m content that Scrotey McScroteface the bicycle thief won’t be getting into it too quickly. I work on the principle that I’ll never make a bike thiefproof, to keep mine I just have to make the other guys bike easier to steal.

Micke Härnta says:

Great picking!!
A question: why no lock rating?
1 to 10…

me whoelse says:

do you already have a video that teaches how to pick a lock? and if not could you make one?

bdot02 says:

Can you show us if you’re able to open a disk padlock with the ramset gun?

Michael Wolff says:

Despite how easy you mate it look, that is a decent lock. It would be much harder to pick upside down attached to a locker or similar which would affect your grip and the added stress of doing something illegal

Kennedy's Locksport says:

You could of raked up a set for sure. Definitely beatable with a snap gun

yam soong says:

For worse, I’ve found out that super strong sping tension in a smiley dimple core will be a nightmare . A tensioner that slim enough will bend or slip away, or the stong enough will be siezed or not have enough room to pick

Hank Fisher says:

I swear, you make this look so much easier than it truly is. Just out of curiosity, what brand of picks do you prefer?

Chlorate says:

I have a little Yale padlock with the same core – it’s a little git.

SightlessSenshi says:

I’ve heard some people say that dead cores are harder to pick than those with lots of spring tension on them, but like you said in the video, I’ve always found the locks with more spring tension on them to be trickier to open, because they’re trickier to tension.

Dfekt Nsc says:

Can you do a video on picking your way out of a prison that would be so cool

dumblittlekid says:

Gone in 60 seconds

Been Pickin says:

Nice job, LPL. Informative.

Jim Bailey says:

Great 🙂

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