[589] Abus Titalium 90RK/50 Padlock Picked and Gutted


jan oxley says:

I would NOT like a Philips screw right down the shackle bolt!

daytona1212 says:

Would you be able to create a unpickable lock? Merry Christmas to you and the family.

kr4ftt says:

Why am I watching this? And why did I like it?

Austin Bachurski says:

Where did you get your pinning tray? Can’t seem to find one like that.

shubus says:

The 90/50 is a fine lock. You can make it just as tough as you want.

NGTMR says:


Stefan Dembowski says:

Nica and Merry Christmas!
Quick question, is this one of those cores that can be made key retaining?

Klein Hervé says:

Just a question about your tension wrench… Did you bend it or was it sold like that ?

Paul Chaulk says:

Nice pinning tray, is it available commercially?
Merry Christmas look forward to watching in the new year!

a gray says:

Thank you LPL for your dedication to the education of such a fun hobby. Merry Christmas.

R.P. Rosen says:

Ha Ha Ha that was easier for you than a Master … is to me. God you make it look easy. I’ve much admiration, for the practice you have put in! Have a Merry Christmas.

R. Akers says:

as always, great pick, great lesson.
Based on your review, I bought a “Beast”, (for 6.95, free shipping) and installed a snap off screw for the top screw.
Yes, yes, I can’t open it in the future, but I have a 6 dollar lock with an 11 mm hardened shackle.
Did I miss other vulnerabilities?

dheller777 says:

Thanks for sharing. Is there any lock you have not been able to pick?

God :-O says:

I can already smell the powder from the Ramset.

Anders Juel Jensen says:

Man, your technique is just SO on point 😀

Mr. E. says:

As a young member of our club said, “Love those abuses”!

Hussy Malvo says:

You been picking locks yesterday and today .what’s going on . Stop picking locks and get wasted it’s Xmas …

Timothy LaPlante says:

What is a counter rotation? Also what is a false set?

Smuckers T says:

Merry x-mas

Tristan james brumley 1 says:

Can i have that plz

Chris Masters says:

I pick my nose

Albert Lebel says:

Thank you sharing this LPL. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. And all the viewers on here also. Please drive carefully today if you must get out.

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