(59) Abus Titalium 80TI/50 Padlock SPP’d (#2)


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MrCooldude4847 says:

Lockpicks and tension wrenches I mean

LineoLemon says:

what really worries me is that the video was obviously recorded vertically and then he cut off the top and bottom to make it look rectangular again.these people man.

Sh4rky da Shark says:

im new to this channel so when he panned over to the locks im like “oh my f***ing gosh! Thats like… a lot of locks.”

Karotten nase says:

Pretty cool, like ur locking vids.

VicariousReality7 says:

They make an even bigger titalium lock, 80ti/60
¨Really want one… six pinner

J Thompson says:

I know this is an old vid of yours Bill, but I have only just started looking at padlocks specifically Abus, so ye doing my research.

I’m with you on key bitting. I don’t know if it is just the way my brain does (or does not) work, but seeing a key’s bitting does not help me either, in fact sometimes it is just a hidderance so mummification is no problem to me.

I’m equally as bad with binding order. Some guys, Koko, Waddac etc they seem to get binding order in one pass – I just go for the pin that (hopefully) presents itself.

Cool pick, thank you.

I’ve managaed to pick a titallium 54ti/50 half a dozen times. There are serrated pins at 3, 4 and 5 I think. MrAnybody tells me they don’t have serrated. He is right, they shouldn’t but these things give me me multiple clicks and pins 1 and 2 won’t bid until about 4-5 sets on the other 3.

I can’t find a video of yours for the 54ti, but I know you have picked similar – can you end this mystery for me please?


Mark II says:

Just picked my first ABUS. It was an ABUS 55/40. Had a little difficult time with it, but I got it. I picked it pin by pin. Went back to Amazon Prime, bought myself my 2nd padlock 5 minutes ago. Abus Titalium 80TI/50 for $13.32. I bet I’m gonna have a very difficult time with the Abus Titalium 80TI/50. Using my own custom picks made from 0.025″ 1095 Blue Tempered Shim stock from McMaster-Carr. Love my new picks, so far they haven’t let me down. Going on 6+ months now with my picks. (+1 : 17)

Jeremy Long says:

This is the second hardest lock in my arsenal of about 30 different locks right now (The newest commando lock takes the cake..). I’ve spp’d it about 15 times now (over the course of 5+ hours of solid picking) and haven’t beat my record of 5 minutes yet. I absolutely cannot rake, bi*ch pick it, or any other quick pick style (don’t have shims, but i bet its shimmable, no ball bearings). difficulty wise, this blows my masterlock 911, and american lock 5200 (1998 edition) out of the water, so I’m guessing mine might just be particularly hard. If I so much as bump the second pin while I’m working on the rest, it oversets and I have to start all over.

MrCooldude4847 says:

Hey, what lockpick and tension wrench do you use?

Bill Roberts says:

I got this lock last week, managed to pick it after hours of messing. It’s my first lock with security pins. Anyway, I got it twice in one day and then earlier today I managed to get it, but I’m still figuring this one out. It seems to go from front to back in picking order but then I just get lost sometimes and do a lot of resets.

MrZombiehunter27 says:

Bill, Just to give it a shot it was able to shim my Abus 80TI/50. I’m still unable to SPP it tho. This has been a fun a challenging lock so far.

Brian Fisher says:

Just opened my first Titalium! Had to come back to the video just to comment. Thanks Bill!

William Moore says:

I bought one of these 2 months ago and finally picked it open!Heavy tension was the key. Now I can get it open in less than 20 seconds! All Thanx to watching your video and hours upon hours of practice! Thanx Bill. Now if I can only get this American 1305 open! Lol

Nicholas Aarons says:

Very Nice Work Bill. N.

Art Connolly says:

FINALLY got it!!! SPP’D 2x I really like this lock

XAPSRxCasper says:

Just opened my first abus 80ti/ 50. Had to do it again to make sure it wasn’t luck. Thank you bill for you teachings.

Sagaris 380 says:

This is the one i’ll be buying for my pistol case for sure! Thanks for the great video.

Matthew Wilson says:

Bill, if you could see the key that came with my 80TI/50 you’d probably be impressed.–I wish I could attach a picture on this reply.–I’ll upload it to my google+ profile. The 6th pin is at the highest position and the 5th pin is the lowest, so my high reach and steep hooks from my Sparrows SSDeV picks can only reach that 6th pin while touching the 5th pin exactly where it needs set with the hook shoved as close to the bottom of the keyway as I possibly can get it. I’ve been working on it for as much time as I have available every day for the past six days when it arrived in the mail.

I also broke my Sparrows .015 short hook working on my ABUS 80TI/50 and my ABUS 83/45, though I only started lock picking this past December and I know I accidentally pried my pick against the back of the core quite a number of times on various locks instead of the pins, which had to weaken the hell out of it…and my Euro hook which is looking slightly imperfect. New ones are mid transit in the mail.

ObelixCMM says:

Just opened my first Abus Titalium 80Ti/50 🙂

Mark Lieber says:

seen one today at my store but not to confident in my ability yet to buy it lol

Adrian Weber says:

God mate you got many many padlocks there! I got myself a Titalium too and the keys looked really good to me nice to see that I was right. The tolerances are good but none of them comes with a ball locking mechanism though…

Taco Tuesday says:

0:54 OMG drool… love all those padlocks hanging like that!

Trisha Doherty says:

I just spp’d my Abus Titalium 80TI/50 twice today for the first time


xAbsim says:

Haha, mine just sprang open at the first wiggle. Worked 3 times in a row. The form of the bitting looks exactly like the small hook i used.

Brian Duty says:

Just received my first ABUS lock, and it’s only a 64TI/40. I can’t even get a false set on the damn thing, much less pick or rake it. The tolerences seem amazing on the shackle and the keyway is great too. Definitely a reality check since I’ve picked and raked so many Master/Kwikset/Schlage/Brinks locks in the past. I know it’s not an Abloy or a Medico but for the price I’m pretty happy! I definitely think it’s enough to put on a gate to a back yard, and certainly more secure than the Master locks I’ve used in the past before I realized how crappy they are. ABUS seems like the perfect solution to me for any application where you don’t want to spend $100+ on a padlock, but want far more security than a Master lock (of about the same price).

I got pretty lucky, the bitting on mine is super aggressive too. Got one super high, two super low, one super high and one super low!

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