6 Pin MASTER “MAGNUM” M930 PADLOCK? Level 12 Security?

Learn how to modify a $25 Master Lock Magnum M930 Padlock for much higher security by converting from a 5 pin key to a 6 pin key, and replacing standard upper/lower pins with pick resistant pins. Enjoy!

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Justin Peters says:

So well shown and explained. Im gonna be taking apart a few of my locks and seeing how they work. Great video once again ! Always looking forward to more awesome tips and tricks and great things to learn how to DIY !!

andy olsen says:

Hey mate you are like the god of lockpicks. Love your videos.

Electronic Passion says:

Merci pour la video

Bobby Tectalabyss says:

Hi Doug. Sorry for the late view and comment. Great job showing just how easy it is for most locks to be picked. Best way to stop crooks. Deep hole, Trap, Bullet . Or like a fellow I worked with,kept getting his gas stolen. He glued single edge razor blades around the fuel cap. Tracked the blood to his cousins house. He did it at work before he went home for the weekend and showed me the blood on Monday. He was lucky he didn’t go to jail for doing it. Crooks these days have more rights than working folks.

Andy P says:

ok, so I got into picking locks when my go-kart buddy did back in the early 90’s (ya im old, so what ya got? lol) anyway, I had one of these locks and NEVER picked it, I wasn’t that good, but never could get it, so I am excited to see this since I have some valuable stuff in storage and want to upgrade because I know how easy it is to pick locks, most are not secure at all, anyway, ill shut up and watch this video, thanks in advanced 😉

A Three Dog Night says:

Very well done my friend, also thanks for the link to save on the locksmith supplies.

Project Farm says:

I can’t believe how quickly you picked that lock. That is ridiculous! Thank you very much for putting this video together! This has helped me immensely! Looking forward to the next video!

jeepin johnny says:

hey – neat. very interesting and useful video. thanks

Gazz R says:

I would’nt have bothered. That lock can be easily exploited.

electronicsNmore says:

When reassembling the padlock, it’s a very good idea to apply Loctite 272 to the bolt’s threads inside the padlock to eliminate the chance of being able to unscrew the nut next to the keyway using pliers.

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