(60) Public Storage Area Padlocks – AVOID THEM!!!


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Dragon Butt says:


Richard Peterson says:

bill i know we clearly saw how easy these are vulnerable to picking,but can these also be opened by attacking the locking dog kineticly? as in tapping the shackle with a hammer.if so these locks are considerably even less secure than what was demonstrated here in this yet again very fine video

MrGrogdc says:

The fact that you are zipping this type of lock tells me that they have no security pins which is hard to imagine for a public storage lock. I can tell you the Extra Space Storage locks are very different than the ones you displayed, of which they contain multiple security pins. I would like to see you demonstrate the ability to pick one of the Extra Space locks, and in particular one that has pins that are very jagged.

BrutusPalmeira says:

Cant blame public storage, all storages have them. Time to go digital.

don gorbett says:

northend storage stole my stuff after they bought out the old owners 4 days after i talked to them putting up there new sing my lock had been taken off and put back on backwards and in the wrong hole it was the same type lock they use a round master lock so i know they have a master key for them went and bought me a 12×32 storage shed of my own and see what karma has in store for them i live next door to there storage units

Kim Masterson says:

All storage is crap. My locks picked despite cameras people got in just punching in various number combos at the front gate. No one could give me any footage yet I paid more to be close to office and two cameras directly on my u it. Last place the crooks actually came in by way of the next unit. And you’d think I would be told who had that unit? No I had to get a investigator to investigate my loss. I hate talking to cops. I’d rather talk to the guy who sold me on renting storage space at his place and told how secure it was. Something me said it’s them that break in. Maybe. Wouldn’t surprise me. Everyone sucks these days. I am now going on the kick of getting rid of anything I can’t fit in my car. And anything valuable I stick in safety deposit box. Having nice stuff just makes you a target for crime and a victim over n over again with no ones help at all afterwards. It doesn’t pay being nice n having kewl stuff you worked bought yourself. Others think you have too much and you don’t need it. I hate people who steal from other people,I hate people who think twisted shit like that. Anyway just don’t have nice shit. Life better without all the stress of keeping it yours.

Numa Newbern says:

SO, if you are locked into having to use this TYPE lock due to the mating attachment on the door WHAT brand part number of lock do you recommend?

Thomas Sims says:

the walls and doors are made of flimsy sheet metal seen roll up doors that have less structure then a tin can and a hinged door that was about as secure as the typical household bathroom its more then the locks the only thing they got that is secure is the cameras even the keyed entry no go they have people living in their lockers so when they go out for late night coffee they prop the door open to let their selves back in after hours

Don Gosney says:

Interesting but I need to suggest a correct:

PS does not GIVE anything. They will SELL you these locks but they certainly aren’t giving them to you. I may nearly $5,000 per year from my unit and have had to buy increasingly heavier duty locks to keep them from being cut off and my stuff stolen.

Jim Finigan says:

The main problem with these locks are that they’re made in China.

GaryZippererRBLX says:

Lock #3 looks suspiciously like a Master lock.. Odd right??

Robert D says:

I was hoping to learn how to do this. … too bad you were just showing off. next. ..

calthmlikiseethm says:

I rent a storage unit some of the valuables I store there are worth a lot so I went out and spent a little over $200 to get a couple of multi locks and place both of them on the unit. Not only are you going to have a really hard time cutting through the locks you can’t get to the hasp to cut it. Twice in the last 3 years units on either side of my unit have been broken into no one has tried to touch mine

Rich D says:

my public storage unit does not have a way to use a padlock. I can only use their small round lock that fits in the hole in the hasp.

NC MTN MAN says:

so, are there any locks worth buying?.

Lotus14S2 says:

Why do the ads not “skip”?

Exe. Dist says:

Last time we got storage they gave us a zippy tie to “lock” the door with! these companies are a complete joke!

Brian Ski says:

I have a lock pick set and can’t get mine open. what shape is the end of your rake?

Suicidal rockstar says:

You talk about all the bad locks, which one can you not break into? You’re obviously a professional I can probably open any lock. Why don’t you tell us which one to buy instead of showing us the shitty ones?

swellmel771 says:

Public storage needs to put systems in the doors that text you when your unit has been opened.


Remember that when the locks are installed on the latch, there is very little room between the side of the unit and the actual key hole, making it harder to pick. A true test would be picking it while installed. Also storing at a reputable place which has gate entry and other security you may not have such issues, but many units are not secure

bdot02 says:

Lol PS requires that you use their locks.

OcRefrigeration,Hvac & Electrical. says:

What Lock do you Recommend ?

Aaden Daniels says:

Public Storage required me to buy one of these locks in order to use their service; then gave me the lock when l moved out of their storage facility. $12 bucks l had to pay for that worthless lock (not to mention the other hidden fees they tack on to your rental). Never again!

J Boog says:

I understand the concept of your videos, but wouldn’t a pair of bolt cutters do the same job in half the time? I’m just saying.

Chris Mann says:

I bet any thefts at these units are done by cutting the lock

Duggr says:

would a tube key lock be better or less likely to be picked?

jonny blaze says:


Robert Grosser says:

BoOtsy1 love your comment, unfortunately it’s too true.

justin case says:

*DO NOT RENT FROM “PUBLIC STORAGE”* my unit was broken into, they have cameras on the outside of the buildings, but no cameras on the inside…. a bunch of my stuff was stolen…. it appeared the thief, drilled out the keyhole on my personal lock…
I filed a claim with their insurance company (Sedgwick) ….and, yes, I also filed a police report, but that was like a fart in the wind, and because of the fact that I didn’t have pictures of ANYTHING…..(ie, of each item going in to the unit, or a picture of the unit full)…and I could not produce any receipts….(there was an area on the claim form to “describe” each item stolen) ….they completely DEVALUED my stuff, by quite a bit, thus allowing them to pay me the bare minimum, of course…if you do rent from them…..read the fine print…..they only insure $3000.00 worth of your stuff….and that’s only if you have pictures (of EVERYTHING)….AND….you have all receipts….even then……good luck.!!!!!

Steven Robertson says:

Hilarious that Youtube has ads below and on the screen to purchase these locks… from Master

MrDICKHEAD28 says:


Jason B says:

why not use boltcutters?

Christina GoneWild says:

the more and more i read about “public storage” I’m so hesitant to use them long term. They quoted me the BEST price in town $50 montly versus $86+ , but…the reviews on almost all of their locations are shit! for $86 i can support a smaller business that isn’t making millions, uses SOLAR panels, and is environmentally conscious, and actually could give me a percentage on how much i could expect rates to increase , public storage danced over it and caught attitude when i had concerns..so yeah, i think ill pay a few extra bucks to the good guy and i hope y’all do too !

Ketenkrad96 says:

Thats why it´s called public storage, you store your stuff for the public to take 😀

Kim Masterson says:

I’m with you THE TARRMAN!

v a says:

omg why did I ever watch porn before…..? These are the techniques women want.

Steven Klaerner says:

I thought the purpose of a lock was to keep an honest person honest.If you want to stop a criminal from stealing stored stuff ,use a bear trap.

mastermooky says:

I have a couple locks like this I need to open, lost the key. whee can I get those tools?

Tom Herron says:

Interesting that Public Storage says that you said their locks are excellent….https://www.publicstorage.com/blog/public-storage/public-storage-locks-are-top-notch/

CSI Rusty48 says:

60G – Learning how to steal

Leif Jonsson says:

Public storage doesn’t “give” you any lock, they have a hard sell in my experience.

D Crabby says:

it’s not really about locks. it’s about the alarm system and video cameras to get video footage!!!!

John Debest says:

Don’t forget the cordless angle grinder, will defeat any padlock in 30 seconds. Also most thieves are drug addicts, and will take big chances to get your stuff. Their drug altered brain knows no fear.

FRANK A says:

Why pick a lock when you can use dynamite

Ian Ang says:

another video openly criticising Asians. oh made in China….BAD!! German…oh good!

Rouge Variable says:

So, if a professional locksmith can open it don’t us it. Gotcha!.

sgvpotter says:

I was at a great place that had alarms on the doors that matched your key pin to enter. If a door was opened that didn’t match the entry code of the people on the premises then the alarm would go off. Besides your own lock i would look for a place that had this feature as well. Great Vid!

Levi Ashby says:

When your so good you pick the lock with the tension wrench

Max Power says:

I have a Uhaul discus that’s made in china. My drummer rents a unit so we can play music in the middle of the night without bothering anyone. He lost the key and all our stuff was stuck inside. Instead of waiting for someone to open it around 6-7 am I took a short drive home to pick up my Sparrows Creeper set. I received it in the mail about three weeks ago and I’ve only been able to practice on my brass brinks with two spool pins and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had light tension and then put the Bogota in. As soon as the last peak touched the front pin the lock was open. It took one second. Lol
Everyone in my band was completely amazed. Lmao
I was more shocked than anyone because I thought my stuff was safe. He gave me the lock. It requires basically no skill and I even picked it using a single paperclip. I broke the paperclip to make a hook and a tension wrench. It easily opens in one or two zips. You could even use the the keyway to shape the paperclip…

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