(604) Stanley Padlock Picked Open (Thanks Vitaly!)


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franck0011 says:

bill do you polish your pick ? looks very shiny 🙂

vde says:

Nice looking lock. Will you be rekeying it?

vitaly says:

Funny, this lock says it has “security pin” (singular) on the packaging, not sure what they really mean 🙂 Thanks for the video!

bjmulli says:

I must say this is a very nice looking lock nice one Bill.

kbonn115 says:

I get the feeling that had your life gone down a different path, you’d make an excellent dentist. But I’m glad you do locks, it’s great learning from you what a good lock would be for my bike.

medeco locks says:

At the hardware store that costs $32.
was thinking of buying it but the price changed my mind

Domesticabbage says:

Hi, I was looking at buying a lockpick set and cut away lock I have already started to pick locks with homemade picks but I still want to know more about the inner working and train on security pins. I live in the UK so I looked for some basic sets and I found http://www.walkerlocksmiths.co.uk/cylinder-picks-tools/pick-sets?product_id=715 I know you said Peterson or sparrow were better makes but this would hopefully arrive soon although I am unsure of if it would be the right thickness for the tight keyways, and for the lock I found this http://www.walkerlocksmiths.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=808 since it already includes a couple of security pins (how/where would I get more of these) also I thought I saw somewhere you were having trouble with you tweezers being magnetic try heating them up apparently it should work (How to Destroy a Magnet (+ interactive periodic table))

Deejay M-TRAXX says:

that padlock looks like you can replace the shackle on it if it gets cut.

Divo2Go 2017 says:

What is a good padlock fora gym locker?

cribbo188 says:

hey vitaly, if you see this can i have the stanley lock? i will pay postage and what not

Wayne Winton says:

Bill please do me favor and see if you can shim this lock. I tried with no success and personly feel this lock is padlock shim proof or in reality resistant but need to here other professionals like you have had the same results to really recommend and back this lock.

777fuzzypeach says:

Meanwhile, the motion sensor has tripped. A) A dog is inbound, or B) angry armed owner is also coming. Buckshot hurts, teeth do too.


Dennis Fawver says:

I hate it when I pick my tension tool…

Jim Thiemann says:

Wow! Ya had me nervous there for a lil’ !

Nicholas Aarons says:

Very Nice Lock There Bill & Great Picking. Keep up the great work. N.

Earl Ofargyll says:

Is it harder to pick a lock with such a “Spinner”/whats the utility of that?

maaatttttua says:

Can you do a video on all of your bypass tools?

Richard Linked says:

Hey Bill, did that have a Euro type Cylinder

Resolute Warrior says:

You should gut it.

Awesome In Black says:

companys should just make 12 kickass awesome locks that go from $150 and up and are impossible to pick.  WHY!!? make a million different locks and they all can be picked or broken into, just make 12 very reliable strong pick prof locks.  Im just mad because I cant find a GOOD lock guess im going to spend over 300 on one lock and 200 on chain, it took awhile to find but im cool now ha.

john doe says:

Great video as always. After watching your videos about the poor security Master lock offers, I am now trying to find suitable replacement padlocks. Would you recommend the Stanley Primus Lock for securing a bike?? Thank you.

douro20 says:

Some of these have graduated spool pins. 

Alan Scott says:

Stanley a good aussie lock

PickingPaul1 says:

Interesting, first stanley padlock ive seen, about time u picked some lever locks because the cylinders dont have any chance against u do they lol

Molly Shetrone says:

what’s the best lock you recommend for a 120 grade chain 1/2″

rav ravensdale says:

professional grade hhmmm at that price i think not!!! (cheap tack) thanks for educating us bill, i replaced the crappy master locks i was using with abloy and mul t loc locks thanks to your advice!!! thanks!!!

Wayne Winton says:

I noticed all my Stanley padlocks did have security top spool pins. I have had mine in use in the wet, snowy salty mag chloride, dusty harsh conditions of Colorado and she keeps working well. 

waddac2 says:

Nice one again bill. STANLEY normally make hardware tools. Must be same as JCB who normally make trucks and diggers… They branch out to making locks

SJC Cobra says:

Been watching a lot of your videos !! I’ve never picked a lock in my life !!! but I decided to buy a pick kit to try my luck , so the kit arrived today , I grabbed a Master Lock #5 , I picked that lock in less than a minute !!!!! I will never buy a Master lock again !!! if I can pick it over and over again , then anybody can do it !!!!

rallock67 says:

Bill, is that lock rekeyable? I don’t like the SC1/4 keyway as that seems to be what everyone is using now but looks like a good lock. I’m sure it is a copy of a name brand lock though, guessing Schlage as I believe both are owned by same corporation. Of course the name brand lock cost more also

Robert Silvers says:

Sadly this lock has vanished from the internet. It looks like Stanley is no longer making them, at least in 60mm size. Maybe they were not selling well as people were comparing them to the cost of a Master lock?

deen koop says:

Malaysia Have?

Wayne Winton says:

This is one of my favorite padlocks. It has the strength where it needs it in the shackle schroud and is convenient to use with re key option to even key to most common house keys. SC 4 kwy.  

Wayne Winton says:

See my review: How To Choose The Best Padlock

“Bill” Gutt It!  

Sh4rky da Shark says:

it like your walking in home depot and need to get a lock and you see one that says maximum security and it open hanging on the package with the keys still inside the packaging

add2k says:

So that’s how you get these locks out of that damn packaging!

Chou Chou Mackey says:

How did u fasten that weight to the vise u use?

insecure_video says:

I have the laminated version of that lock, it does have 2 spools (pins 1 and 6) but those pins don’t false set. Probably a design issue.

Dem Haitam says:

plz what about Squire SS80CS?

Texas Jim says:

Great video and picking.

jmmurdy says:

Nice…me and waddoc2 were just talking about that. Picking your TW.

uk lockpickers says:

These are pretty good locks and not cheap to buy in the uk
You made this look very easy – harder than it looks guys Lol great picking once again

fast Pizza says:

coool videoo

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