[646] Guard Security 1500 Combination Padlock Decoded FAST

Video 635: https://youtu.be/Fah-LJJaPWg


DARTwillRULErraawwrr says:


Larry David says:

No, thank You.

Mosaab Aljarih says:

I almost thought you said: If you see this white circle on the dial and that keystone shape at the twelve o’clock position, please go an open that lock away. xD

Morellio Benoir says:

LPL, what kind of metal is that shackle made of?

Mami Nani says:

Shit they all over the gym locks I don’t use em but I see em around.

bird718 says:

nice… easy to spot generic rebranded chinese lock, or could it be a low end masterlock for the masses?

Albert Lebel says:

LOL that’s just cool

will wheatcraft says:

There is a combination lock that i cant seem to decode. Its the brinks commercial combination lock. Its available at any pilot or flying j truck stop. I have figured out how to bypass it but cant seem to decode. I have looked on YouTube and there are no vidros on this lock.

tonyholt90 says:

Lol, nice work..

William Zuk says:

Do you think this will work on other different style locks?

Carlos Pulpo says:

This is one of the first combination lock tricks I learned in high school many many years ago. It’s funny to see that the cheap locks still do not bother to put a toothed gear in that stops it all the time like Dudley brand combination locks or a Master combination lock.

The only reason I think about for not including this cog disc on the dial plate is because of patent ? It should be prior art by now it’s so old.

Another lock that I could open in school but never seen it since school is a magnet type lock. The lock body was a sold aluminum body with an indent on one side. The indent was for a key that was nothing but a plain looking rectangular (magnetic?) bar that sat in the indent and then you simply pulled the lock open. There was no physical interaction with the locking mechanism.

Without opening it, I deduced that :
1. The force needed to open the locking bolt that held the shackle was likely very small force.
2. It was magnetic and therefore would need false gate to prevent a normal magnet from opening it.

I was able to take the lock and “throw” it into my hand , swinging it on the hasp so that I would time the pull with as soon as I caught the lock so that it would sometime open. I was so elated that I my deduction was correct and I was able to defeat this lock.

Time for some intense searches to see if I can find a late 1980s magnetic activated padlock.

TheComputerGeek010101001 says:

Aren’t these knockoff Master locks?

Admin says:

I have a multi point access lock. It keeps 99.9999% honest people out and in specific instances, other people have access to the key bypass, combo bypass and the decoding bypass. Social constructs for my locker dictate gtfo unless you really need to make this part of your business. Isn’t society beautiful when it works right

Rich Scott says:

well done.

BlackDolphin90 says:

Thise locks remind me of tin cans. I would love to see if you can open it with a can opener XD

Z900 Quebec says:

It would be nice if could decode a Master Model No. 1500iD 2-1/8in (54mm) Wide Speed Dial™ Set Your Own Combination Directional Padlock; I have two of them that the kids forgot the combination. They say it’s more secure then a combination lock.

Anton Umolac says:

@LockPickingLawyer, you kinda forgot to link a video. 🙂

Nathan Fielure says:

$2.99? It’s not a lock, it’s a decoration.

can üner says:

Please make a review about abus 8077/12KS120 Lock-Chain and Maggi Fort Knox 150 cm 12 mm chain Active Blade 66 mm 18mm.

TON O'CLAY says:

My turn knob pad lock doesnt have those markings… and this technique doesnt work.

God :-O says:

Yeah a lot of things are made by a big Chinese company and then rebranded. I first found that out when it comes to knives and a lot of outdoor gear.

Admiral Percy says:

There’s no link in the description

THR33STEP says:

I would rather pay $2.99 to watch someone steal my stuff!

Brian Hignett says:

Hi Harry, Another vulnerability these padlocks have, ( it doesn’t apply to Master ) attach the padlock to a fixed point – over the handle of your vice will do – tap the shackle a few times opposite the locking latch, e.g. with the dial facing you, on the right side of the shackle, not the lock body, with the handle of say a heavy screw driver, while pulling down on the lock, and they will pop open every time. Regards, Brian.

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