[653] Prototype Dual Fork Bowley Padlock (Model 543)


BosnianBill: https://youtu.be/zP2svemVnyo
LockMan28: https://youtu.be/odVRdb5Huys

[636] Bowley Lock Analysis and Update – https://youtu.be/qV8QKZNFxLw


Aiden Martin says:


Arya says:

I’m worried that vibrations in industrial environments can knock the idler out of alignment thus preventing the key from going in.

Jewish Person says:

What happens if you snap the key off inside

Vandal Savage says:

“5 quarters of an inch thick…” how many quarters do you have in your inches out there? we only have 4 quarters to anything here! ; )

iiDogeKingii - Roblox and more random letters says:


Toni Andov says:

I see weakness…maybe is intentionally for this video!?

Albert Rieder says:

The Problem of this Lock is the Key, the Diameter of the deepest Cut and the highest Cut is approx 3 or 4 mm. This limits the Key Variations enormous. By the normal Doorlock you have 5 Pins with 5 possible Cuts, or less. By an Euro Zylinder with 7 Pins and 10 different Cuts i get Millions of Key Variations, by the Bowley maybee.50 000. Pickproof is not the all.

B Shinn says:

Brass isn’t THAT expensive lol

Na TW says:

LockPickingLawyer:  Excellent video. The pins appear to be standard brass pins, and the key is steel. In your opinion, would it be probable that with repeated everyday use, the steel key would wear down the key pins enough to affect the super high-tolerance that this lock is made to?  Just a thought.

Kevin Semones says:

Do i want this lock with a chain for a bike or do i want the forever lock…

Edward Kostreski says:

Being able to completely remove the shackle probably further increases the usability.

uncle Ben says:

Was waiting for the ramset…

Gary Rumain says:

Very nice sleeving for the screws on the base plate.

Daniel Hughes says:

having the top come right off, seems like a really good way to lose it.

MrDLRu says:

Curious..Did yours get held up at customs like BosnianBill’s?

Gary Rumain says:

I’m curious as to why they needed to insert the ball bearings from the sides when it looks as though you could insert them from the bottom before you insert the lock and actuator. There looks to be enough room. Just need to keep them apart so that the actuator can slide in between them.

Dingle Flop says:

Is there going to be a deadbolt version of this lock?

Antonio Duarte says:

so I assume you can’t pick this one? 🙂

Luscious3174 says:

Actually that 16mm shackle on the Abloy 362 is the perfect fit for a Pewag 12mm chain – one of the best security chains you can buy, and a damn good security combination for an expensive ebike. Frankly I wouldn’t go below that for an ebike chain – maybe 10mm Pewag if weight is an issue. I hope to see this Bowley upgraded with a 16mm shackle model in the future. I’ve been searching high and low for a Stanley 24/7 but they seem to be discontinued.

Jason M says:

U can grab a decent hooker for that kind of $

max factor says:

hope the make 16mm shackle version

_ hypergamy says:

Shitttt i want one!

AR-Gaming says:

you really dont think they will make 2 of these one with small shackle and one with bigger shackle

Mudsuitable says:

it looks as though only one time actually comes in contact with the pins, if that’s the case why have two tines? is it a case of psychological warfare or do they work? the inner guide ring thing completely covers the other tine doesn’t it?

Derek Broestler says:

I’ve to to admit, I give them MAD props for making a lock this unique, but that’s also fairly easily serviceable… The only serious impediment I could see to becoming a locksmith distributor / authorized service company is the key blank… Too hard to cut with a standard HSS blade on most key machines, and (I would think) JUST delicate enough to bend trying to use a carbide blade by code cutting unless you went SUPER slow (I have killed more than a few steel Schlage L blanks on my HPC 1200 with the carbide blade)…

That being said, I currently resell Medeco M3s through my distributor, and those customers tend to understand up front that if they need an extra key after the initial sale, it’s gonna take a few days, because we have to go through the protocols and then it has to be mailed to me to deliver to them…. So Bowley could go with a patent controlled, end user card type system, ONLY shipping direct from the factory to approved distributors, and it could work.

I suspect if they come up with a jig for the 1200 and other similar machines (ILCO, Framon, etc), it could become a lot easier for authorized dealers to produce keys direct to customer in the future…

stonent says:

I’d like to see some kind of retractable sleeve option on the key to prevent it from snagging other things while being carried. Maybe some kind of spring mechanism that keeps the end of the key non-visible until you put it in the lock or maybe something similar to that injectable chain lock’s outer sleeve.

Crazywaffle5150 says:

I found your channel. I know nothing about locks or lock picking. Lol. I’m addicted.

thijsco19 says:

If that idler ring somehow has turned while the key was out, is it still possible to insert the key? Or is there a system that keeps it in place?

Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan says:

Using fuckin INCHES in designing process when you need precision.

Tom Jones says:

I emailed Bowley they said the lock should be available to the public in September. Price for lock hasn’t been set yet

Trister - says:

Suomi mainittu! Torille!

ZZxd says:

I guess this is the right choice if you want a unpickable lock.

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