(693) Buying Security – Get your money’s worth!

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metalhead2508 says:

Could you perhaps anneal the chain with a small MAP gas torch, then cut it?

Siddharth Rajguru says:

Hey Bill, great videos! They helped me a lot to steer away from big box brand bike locks. I had a question, I watched Winton’s video as well and was wondering where I could by the 3/8″ Pewag security chain online or at a store. Bike registry used to sell an Abus lock + Pewag chain in the past but don’t anymore. Could you please help me out. Thank you! 🙂

florin simion says:

Cheers! what do you think security-wise of a American Lock AH10KA-D500 Padlock Solid Hardened Steel Tumbler Kab + Pewag 12mm sq link chain ? the chain speaks for itself but I am not sure about this lock – it ihas 6 pins though, hardened ..

Adriel Cedrick says:

I cant realy get that much locks to pick, Im 12 so I dont expect my parents to buy me a lock for my hobby. Great video anyway bosnian!

James Thiemann says:

Bill, great video; would you ever consider “gutting” that lock for us in a video; would love to see the insides and how those “finger” pins work.

Michael McDonald says:

I’m wondering how many bike thieves actually pick locks? Any statistics?

snajperSLO says:

What bicycle lock should I get under 60 euro?

chickenfingers991 says:

Will you do a video on the best types of chains?

S Phillips says:

Perhaps you can recommend a padlock for my semi-truck trailer used for unattended wilderness storage. People don’t try to pick the lock, or drill it out, and they don’t usually carry bolt cutters with them, so those corresponding specs are somewhat useless. What they use is a hammer. Several strong downward blows is all I’ve found it takes on top of the padlock for the shackle to come out. What padlocks can you recommend are most resistant to this type of real-world destructive assault? Has any of this type of destructive testing ever been done?
Over the years I’ve had to occasionally break padlocks on fences, etc. I’ve never drilled one out, picked a lock or used bolt cutters, I’ve only used a hammer and and its always worked, at least with Master padlocks, with just a few blows.

Paul Edwards says:

Can you show us how to add a new keyway to a re-keable padlock like that?

Chris S says:

Few notes:
1# The chain is a Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain ~12mm (~ 7/16”) and it has a Rockwell hardness scale of 62 (part # 3012). It’s effectively impossible to cut with bolt cutters, and takes a long/loud 2 minutes with an angle grinder (lots of sparks) in optimal conditions. The thieves may very well have tried to cut the chain, and not even been able to put a single obvious mark on it (hence why Bill could not find any).

2# Wayne sells this custom made lock (Stanley lock with an Assa core) for $200USD. Or $300 for the lock and 4 ft chain combo. They are on his http://www.tricountylocksmithservice.com/security-products/index.html website

3# You can also buy the chain online on a few sites, my current order is with westechrigging.com, they sale it for $15.20 per foot.

Justin says:

Is Stanley’s spring susceptible to other attacks, such as tapping?

cheater00 says:

who sent Bill that lock? I couldn’t make it out. Bill start addint annotations or putting links in the description! 🙂

Kevin Aviles says:

where can i purchase a core like that?

Moses The Prophet says:

Thanks for this awesome video, I just bought this lock and chain set by Wayne. As long as you’re not in my town, then I feel confident my bike will be waiting for you. Thanks sir.

Paul Stafford says:

Would be nice if you put links to the chain in the description, or at least the name of the chain in the description so we could look it up if interested in getting one….thanks.

24-7 Lockouts says:

That looks identical to Lockwood Twin. The lower set of teeth lift 3 pins to the correct height, allowing a sidebar to drop into the barrel. I’ve picked a Twin before, but only by using what’s known as a load key. This key is a standard twin key that had been ground flat (past 9), leaving only the side bar cuts. This allows standard picking to take place as the side bar is out of the equation

Iggy Mac says:

Hey Bill don’t you think the cap on the bottom would be the weak link just dremel it out guts fall out and your in ?

silouettesshadow says:

reminds me of tuco’s gun store scene from – the good the bad and the ugly.
piecing together the best parts

Charles M Rinehart says:

I believe Stanley stopped making the 24/7 lock. I was luck to get one in 2016. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rinehart-video-productions/26968383010/in/photolist-UYx31c-JE1dHG-HtyWvq-H671GS

Trever Pulvermacher says:

are krypotonites good locks for bikes?

Squimball Studios says:

Side-pins..  AhHahah!  We know your kryptonite now.  Hahaha.  :PP

chevymudding01 says:

where could I get a chain like this

Barnekkid says:

If you can get it, a type of chain called “load chain” is impossible to cut with bolt cutters. It’s a type of chain made for chain hoists and a two ton capacity chain or larger is good for locking stuff up. Only drawback is if purchased outright this type of chain is kind of expensive. But it might be worth it to secure the Harley or that new H2R or whatever.

Kevin Aviles says:

this video answered my question!

uzipo ventezinko says:

lolzzz lock up one of your kids with it that was great ok… now please sir bosnianbill help me on this one please !!! is this the same lock your talking about in tour video i feel the chain is the same or almost the same but is the lock on this web site the same as in your video thanks in advance sir. thats the web site i saw the chain and lock together as deal put together … http://www.westechrigging.com/pewag-security-chain-038-kit-3.html

Darkburrow says:

Swedish quality 😛

htomerif says:

Sounds odd. Why would someone try to steal a motorcycle that was chained up? You’re not going to get very far on foot. I suppose it could have been some vintage thing that doesn’t require a key, but if you have a truck and a trailer already, it would be a bit dumb not to just have a cutting torch.

Jason Myers says:

i have this lock right now, wayne sent me one. have you gotten any closer to picking it. i need some help!!! im not getting much in the way for feed back. really everything in the lock remains very springy.

Everything home repair says:

that’s a good lock

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