[699] Uervoton Fingerprint Padlock Opened With a Screwdriver!!!


Tokyo Warfare says:

Tbh is not a bad stuff for as mentioned a backpack you will be carrying and for you need a quick open.

J C A says:

Honest people never use screwdrivers

tiny locos for comptone says:

it’s meant to be a prototype they’ll come out with something much better trust me they’re using his criticism to improve it who doesn’t see thats what they’re doing

chechnya says:

I’d buy one. Would be perfect for a public area like a gym.

Alluvian says:

When are lock companies gonna learn you don’t send a finished product to this guy so he can mock your crappy lock, you send an early prototype to this guy, PAY HIM, and have him make your lock better. Oh well.

Diablodin says:


TheSynysterVyrus says:

So anyone can open the lock by just programming their finger before trying??

Travis says:

First security flaw I seen….a pair of 1/2 inch wrenches would bust that wussy lock open.

BOB says:

Seems great for a backpack/suitcase, locker at school etc.

Respetador De Mujeres says:

man this videos are so fucking good

majestic says:

that really is insane.. what have they thought?

deadspeedv says:

If they did fix the design flaws and make it a very secure lock it would still have a serious potential problem. Someone can scratch the sensor so no one can open it

eschelar says:

So the manufacturer sends you a lock and gets a review like this… How do they respond?
More importantly, why would they send you a lock already in production rather than in r&d stages?
Having said that, I have and use a lock I know is easily defeated much for this purpose, so it isn’t definitively worthless…

Sad Boys says:

Rivets fools rivets

King Louie says:

Could you take the electronics and fingerprint scanner out of that lock and put it in a beefier lock case?

Jeeper1378 says:

I have one but different brand, that thing is a POS.

Clash of kings with Dom says:

Double wrench method. I’m talking 15 second process with this junk.

Alibey Bal says:

Novelty. That one word says enough. Great review.

Declaneo says:

Just steal the 50$ lock

Matthew Osmond says:

In their defense, and this is a far stretch, who’s going to have a T5 torx bit laying around to open it? I agree it’s pretty easy to find one and takes seconds, but the lock will only keep honest thieves out, if you wanted in there’s probably easier and faster ways than taking the three screws out, but for almost 50$ nobody should even be considering this

younglink309 says:

Why can’t I stop watching this channel?

Noah Rothering says:

Quite a dumb lock anyone could open it by hold down the shakle for five seconds any then put there’s on it

multimang0steen says:

Youre screwed if you use that lock..

irawan wijaya says:


B Shinn says:

Which company makes this lock? Seems like a company that would put those screws on the outside of the case, easily accessible, without even using so much as tamper proof torx screws, would probably not be the company I want to purchase locks from. JS -wOw-

Don Z Dryver says:

It would be faster to just pop the shackle with the screwdriver.

Steven Groom says:

A lock you have to charge is a waste of money in the first place, to be honest

SeanNotConnery says:

Great design boys.

can we hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS says:


sugarnuts86 says:

It would probably be great for gym lockers where you don’t wanna carry anything like keys etc. But other than that it sucks.

Imtotallydiggingthis says:

Screws on a lock?! :D:D:D:D

Jay Vincent says:

I still wanna buy one. I’m a sucker for that fingerprint lock system

jds hempfarm says:

Hey wait a minute see what happens to it when placed next to a neodymium magnet

Sandro Leandro says:

I would say that the manufacturer is actually quite clever… Stupid is someone who pays 50 bucks for this piece of s*it…

Xeraser says:

Are there any locks like this that are actually secure ? I often misplace my keys so this would be perfect for me.

Disqus Macabre says:

It needs to come with a sticker you can affix to whatever you are using the lock on that reads: “This container is protected by a false sense of security. Please do not examine the lock too closely as this may impact your ability to believe in the security provided by the lock. Please Remember: this lock is only as strong as your ability to believe in its power. We cannot be held responsible for any losses that you experience due to insufficient belief in the power of this lock to provide adequet security. “.”

bash5791 says:

I don’t understand why literally everything has to have electronics in them nowadays.

spence dawg says:

2:11 middle finger

Migh7yb00sh says:

would use it for luggage…but that’s about it..

bibi green says:

Wow that’s the stupidest design flaw ever.

Christian Slack says:

People in the comments are being too cynical. Its quite like the video says: this is more of a novelty lock suitable for luggage, bookbags or other things that might simply need the impression of security to deter most would-be thieves. Not only that but the T-5 torx screws are not something your average person can open with **immediate** ease due to the specialized screwdriver. These screws can be often found in certain electronic hardware units to prevent you from opening your device and potentially ruining it. They will often have a label nearby stating that opening the device further will void your warranty. I remember this type of screw being used inside the xbox 360 hardware and inside certain parts of my macbook pro laptop. Yes, a person ‘could’ simply open it with the tool if they had the right screwdriver for the job but thats not too different from saying a person with a lock ‘could’ just open it with the right key.

Additionally, I have two thoughts on the lock: the finger print recognition seems to work wonderfully, and if it didn’t? Well that kind of explains why the screws let you access the hardware. I see this being useful for something you keep on your person often, quite like your phone needing a passcode or thumbprint. if this was on a bookbag, briefcase or laptop bag that you keep around you then it does add a good deal of protection because the screws are a layer to challenge a thief and the lock is quick to open for you while not requiring a key to add onto the many you might already have.

NeedMorePuppies says:


NAWW says:

The manufacturer must be pissed

Ameya Gaitonde says:

Congrats! You found one of the most useless locks in the world!

sada das says:

Yeah, but how it is against Ramset?

JayRay00 says:

They have a Gen 2 one now

Insert name HERE says:

More like a fancy toy.

india says:

what a bs lock..i got one from china half price and rocksolid…

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