(73) Brinks 50mm Maximum Security Padlock SPP’d


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Charles Watson says:

I have to say. bill. I started watching your vids about a month ago. and it made me want to buy a lockpick set and its a cheap little set. also has some weird picks. anyways after a month and I haven’t even really tried practicing a lot and I can pick every lock in my house open and shut maybe spending 10 mins on each lock. thank you so much! I’ll never get locked out again lol

David says:

hahahaha you have a great delivery and think you need to be on the discovery channel..lets teach novices how to be a better crook..you are an excellent communicator think this should be for locksmiths that are challenged and need to learn the tricks of the trade///

Widdly Skuds says:

thank you for teaching me about proper tensioning

Brian West says:

mine only had 4 pins, but did get false set, yet brinks high security. … oh an commercial lol still pics under 3 mins, i was expecting to go a marathin… but nope lol

C MJ says:

I have picked padlocks before but the tougher ones I just drill them out.

Austin says:

why exactly is this in my recommended

Mike Devine says:

Damn Snakes and Rino’s always getting in the way!!!!

64bigfish says:

Nicely done.

madjack821 says:

Finally picked one of these twice the other day and once today but it seemed more like luck. How does one “feel” for the pins? All I feel is junk in there. The lock works so I know its not that. All the pins feel over set and I’m getting way more than five clicks when I’m trying to set them.

Drwevil's Traditional Shaving says:

Nice tips thanks

Jonah Beale says:

Is there a “set” as opposed to a “false set”? If so, what’s the difference? I understand the concept of a binding pin and what happens when you push it.

Also, when you’re applying tension, you appear to tap the wrench a few times. Is that to get a better feel for the lock?

Kuba Brudnik says:

Hi guys, I am new to lock picking. Any reccomendations??? I have tried paper clip picks but they do not work… Cheers

SimplyLimbo says:

nice. Practice & patience is the most important thing !
And make ur own tools, often hairpins, and thin strong iron pins work very fine ! The problem only, after a few days u get a blister on the side of ur lockpick fingers. Dont use paperclips, also not for handles, to weak. STRONG thin iron pins.

Nathan Stevenson says:

Just imagining a snake and a rhino teaming up to pick a lock and realizing that neither of them can hold the pick

r SF says:

!! moonman intro !!

10Greylock says:

Is there a benefit to manual picking as opposed to using a pick gun or similar device?

Ross Boraan says:

Excellent explanation! Very clear instruction. Tks.

Josh Sommers says:

Why can I only like this video once? 🙂 Thank you for making my day better. 🙂

XNeo27564 says:

We sell an motorcycle chain rated 5 insurance stars, and it can have 120 Kn kilonewton cutting force on the chain and lock lol…. 12.500 kilograms or 25.000 pounds……. xD Insane.

alexfo7o says:

Even that seemed easy enough!

Kuba Brudnik says:

Hi guys. Thanks, I will try and see. Cheers

ChaseVlogBirds says:

what or who has taught you this skill and why are you showing others this if not for others to brake in

Dubstep_lover says:

hey man what starter lock picking set do you recommend?
thanks mate.

Pascal spooK says:

subbed ;D

Jennifufu says:

I was really worried that rhinoceros were going to get into my lock, thank you for clearing that up for me! XD

Gavlick Apthesycerski says:

I have one of these and it’s such a joke, even sliding in the pick itself popped it and it had decent valleys in the key. maybe I just have a lock with bad construction or whay

ThePumpkinBoat MC says:

Damn you, snakes and rhinos!

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