(74) Brinks 60mm Maximum Security Padlock SPP’d & Shimmed (Does Size Matter?)


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chedderz66 says:

Been watching these vids for over an hour now. Fascinating! I want to try this sometime.  Great videos.. 

commandolockcompany says:

Informative and funny! I’m with Alex on that one. Good stuff.

Kaz Fleszar says:

sex mad

Wayne T says:

Classic video! Super funny! Thanks for sharing!

T-ReX Mind says:

Big balls for the win

waddac2 says:

Lol!!!!!! loved the way you worded that mate, great video :o)))))

fuck google in the ass says:

You are so funny Bill!!!

EnragedHusky says:

ha! dick joke

MrThekid650 says:


MrThekid650 says:


Ralkero says:

The innuendo is real.

Nathan Watrous says:

I had a good laugh with this video!

TheTarrMan says:

I’m not sure what this video is really about.

Billy Bryington says:

lol! great video, and very enter..taining!

steve c says:

Did anyone notice that it said Made In China?

pick locker says:

Brilliant video never get bored watching

mmesimon27 says:

Too funny Bill. Thanks for the tips, I have learned so much from you. Thank you.

Dave Dunne says:

very subtle inuendo”s lol

2tymetommy says:

lol nice play on words there, lovin your video’s keep up the good work 🙂

bosnianbill says:

Thank you! I’ll try to no disappoint with the next ones. I have several more done but can’t upload them because the bandwidth in my hotel is crap. As soon as I get back to civilization I’ll upload them all.

Jay H says:

Thanks! Now I can tell the difference between male and female padlocks.

Edward Prettyman says:

Hi bill where can I buy good shims like the ones u us thanks Ed

ScoobTEQ says:

Bill, can you recommend a vendor for proper hardened padlock shims?

Kermit the frog says:

lol great video,great skills. it’s not the size of the lockpick that matters its the motion inside the keyhole

Jeffrey Hasbrouck says:

@bosnianbill I haven’t been into lockpicking in years. Recently lost a key to an old lock and a gun case and just made a paper clip S rake and makeshift tension wrench, and I popped the lock right open with bitch picking. But after watching hours of your videos I ordered a new pick set (gave my last one away) and decided to get back into picking. I just wanna say thanks for all the extremely well presented (and often hilarious commentaries) on your videos. Extremely informative for the security minded individual. And great a advice on types of picks to use and tensions wrenches (your 500th video about wrenches was fuckin epic). I should get my pick set (southord pxs-17) in early this week and I’m exited to start again. So again, cheers on the excellent information and wonderful videos 🙂

in motion says:

your so funny haha

TheAshman02 says:

quality vidbill buddy, is that a ‘feeler’ gauge homebrew pick? very nice 🙂


I don’t know how i missed this video? Ha ha, that was funny..

SnappyHappy812 says:

Best pick video ever!!!!

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