[757] Surprisingly Tricky: Kryptonite KS82 Padlock Picked and Gutted


Pesar25 says:

I have nothing to do with Locks, but I still watch this video.

Joseph Walker says:

These videos have got me interested in lock sports. Can anyone recommend me a good beginners lock picking set?

Chaos Reigns says:

I love your channel how it is, but something I think would improve my enjoyment is somehow increasing the volume of the picking sounds. Possibly by getting a microphone closer to the lock.

Tanker says:

Wow, thats a pretty decent lock. You should shoot it with a ramset

Lolers Official says:

Welcometo the next generation of unboxing videos. Unboxibg a Kryptonite KS82 Closed shackle padlock GONE SEXUAL GONE WRONG POLICE CALLED

kevinmartingreen says:

@LockPickingLawyer I’m a very novice picker. I’ve never tried to tension that hard, because I feel like I’ll break a pick. Are you having to put a ton of upward pressure on the pick when you do that? Are you at risk of breaking your pick easily?

ron palmer says:

Now that might have looked easy……………………

Mecha Iroh says:

When I use heavy tension my Pick feels like it’s going to break and sometimes it bends

Moo Lawrence says:

The strange thing is that the way hes speaking is really similar to Jerryrigeverything.


I’m not alone

Brian Hignett says:

Hi Harry, The stars must have aligned during manufacturing …. (:-)) You could be right, but I’m willing to bet it’s the pin holes that are more aligned than normal. Every now and then you’ll get a standard cylinder that won’t SPP. We see it on the odd occasion, and a huge amount of tension is required before the pins will set. You know this because there is no obvious binding order, they will pick as your cylinder picked – every pin binds pretty well the same amount. If the driver pins have a flat bottom, you will get a click when set, if the drivers have a bevel, such as the original Lockwood, under strong tension they set soft, and require slightly less tension to finish off. Regards, Brian.

Sheriff says:

A good showcase of “tension” being the key.

Stoned Pepe says:

who would do all of this to open a lock omg

Gerald Bull says:

The 9 dislikes are from Schlage engineers

Mrkva The Epic says:

Tell me, why do I watch this? :O

cr0cket01 says:

nice video

MallV0lli0 says:

“This is the LockPickingLawyer and what i have for you today is a Kryptonite KS82 padlock. It’s unpickable, unbeatable”

*opens it with a wet noodle in 15 sec*

Michael Mitchell says:

Hey, a locksmith said my kwikset smart key locks can’t be picked. I just walked out. Is there anything I should have told him or showed him?

Xert ZeG says:

Is there a lock you cant pick? Or break open? Any locks someone cant look up and figure it out

Jorell Brackett says:

I am a beginner lock picker that has been working on it for I guess the past year-and-a-half. I was wondering if you might have any locks including something like this one that you might be able to send to me for me to work on to try to enhance my experience.

Kühn says:

Your video at min. 5:05


And congrats for the success of the video… Already 2,5 Million views

Kungfu Kitten says:

You a real lawyer tho?

Jayk0b says:

That’s a tough lock!
5 seconds later….

David Null says:

Hey +LockPickingLawyer — SAFES, some stores have larger gun safes on display and some customers have the urge to be *locked inside a safe* If you are an idiot and have idiots for friends expect some attention while they try to get you out.
YouTube video of stupid people in action – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adtNxrJoWN4

Jeff Baloga says:

Very cool video as always! This is my first post here. I was wondering if I am the one who has never picked a lock…has no tools but is interested in getting into picking?!
I find myself very interested in these videos and for some reason, I find watching these very relaxing!
Anyone who has any advice or direction to get started in lock picking would be greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work “LPL”!!!

《THUMPER》 Lock picking, Police accountability says:

That the way to show them. GREAT pick

ForthyPremonition says:

whered you buy these kryptonite padlocks? i couldnt find them on ebay, amazon or even on their website.

Olivia Lambert says:

Good lord, I’d love to know what sort of sheer magic was done to that lock if a completely standard core with completely standard pins was that difficult. I’m not surprised to see a new Harry Potter movie coming out shortly after seeing the absolute wizardry within that lock.

Justin Carawan says:

Some actual security! How about that!

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