[764] Walmart’s Best Padlock Picked FAST – Brinks Model 162-60091


catsspat says:

Picked in a *brink* of an eye.

SuperAWaC says:

LPL: This is-

Cameron Cobb says:

Can you shim it open?

Billmetal says:

0034? four pin core with two zero’s? They certainly thought about the end users safety with that code .

270buckeye says:

I am so far having a nice day

Ryan Aegis says:

Spring loaded? No ball bearings? So I can just slide a shim made from a coke can right  down the shackle and pop it open? No need to pick? I can’t believe people are still making and selling suckers these.

Altrunchen says:

Ever done a Medco lock?

Kayaze says:

What kind of mess is that key tho.

Casey Locke says:

Question, sir: You said pin #2 was high cut and wasn’t touched so they were using short drivers. It looks like both pin 1 and 2 are cut the same, an apparent zero lift. So why did pin 1 have to be set and not 2? Also, I thought a zero lift pin had nothing to do with the length of the driver. The top of the key pin is cut so that it’s already at the shear line regardless of the length of the driver. Can you help me understand what I’ve gotten wrong? Thanks!

MrErichonda30 says:

Are brinks trucks secured with these locks? Asking for a friend.

patrice373 says:

LOL ridic (awesome, you should create your own brand)

ALIVE845 says:

I bought this as a practice picking lock and i still havent got it open after half an hour. I dont get it

Bob England says:

pfff looks like a rebranded Master lock which are utter rubbish

Chris Taylor says:

This could be your shortest video.

l wilton says:

H0013? Is this the pin cuts for this lock?

John Hicks says:

If I went to buy a lock and saw key bitting like that I would throw the lock in the trash so no one else could buy it

Phillip Bonner says:

So what you’re saying is don’t buy Walmart crap

WiZaRd says:

Please please make a video about best DISK BREAK LOCK for Bike. I didn’t find any good lock, all are breaks so easily.

EoRdE6 says:

0:04 you mean “like a moth to a LaMp”

Seth Brooking says:

“Like a moth to the flame.”

*L ö c k s , B r ö t h ë r*

Jonathan Wilson says:

So good to see videos like this exposing just how crap the locks available at most big box stores actually are.

david w pinkston says:

see any interesting people?

Brent Woods says:

Its not a brinks lock, they are just licencing the name. My guess its made in the same factory as cheap masterlocks.

Fillup 40 says:

Get what you pay for.

Scott Nesham says:

I just bought this as my first lock to pick and the bitting on mine is nowhere near that bad. I’ve gotten in a half dozen times but still can’t quite get it consistent.

Neil Benevides says:

What padlock would you recommend under 50 dollars from your experience? All tool stores near me basically only sell Masters…

Liquidated says:

This is why I stick to Abus Padlocks, affordable deterrent for my stuff not worth breaking in for.

Arcata GB says:

> *modified d o u b l e w r e n c h*
> lock.exe has stopped working

Fester Adams says:

Who else got a walmart commercial at the beginning?

glasslinger says:

They are in competition with master for crappiest lock!

DanceySteve says:

MasterLock looking piece of shit.

Fabio Stuber says:

That looked too easy^^

Chris Lucas says:

I love watching you, just unreal!

Eric Baril says:

Just by the look of it it must have the most unforgivable sin of all: not shim resistant?

The TruthIs Scarce says:

This is a general question for TheLockPickingLawyer: Do you ever consider making it more “Realistic” by mountibg it on a hasp or by picking deadbolts and other licks where you can’t wrap your hand around them? It’s much more difficult in the real world when you’re working on a door that swings in with a 6″ jamb in your way… I notice this in a lot of lock picking videos and he really doesn’t do service to how hard things can be due to environmental variables… Even just mounting a lock on a 2×6 would be much more indicative of the real world situations that locksmiths run into every day. Thanks!

Jeff Moss says:

the very first padlock I picked was a 5 dollar walmart clone of this lock. good memories!

Rob k says:

You should do the double spanner attack after you pick each padlock.

Lord Malice says:

I don’t know man they have some of those tsa-approved locks that’ll probably give that Brinks lock a run for its money

Bradbanana says:

That was pretty pathetic a 3 min video come on bro

ToxicityGaming says:

Since Brinks locks are this shitty I’m gonna walk up to a Brinks armored car and attempt to pick it open.

@LockPickingLawyer might need representation after this.


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