(77) ACE Model 5202833 Maximum Security Padlock


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bosnianbill says:

Believe me, this IS a nasty tempered little beeeach – no room for error or she drops 2-3 pins at once. I suspected it was a drain hole as well but the hole doesn’t go all the way through. It is a dead hole, only about 1/8″ deep and not threaded. Weird.

mmesimon27 says:

Great job again. Your the man.

15Fire says:

So is it just me or is this lock very hard to get into?

service1956 says:

I was very surprised that all driver and key pins were security pins!! With the “ACE” logo on the lock, it looks to me like it was made by the American Lock company for Ace Hardware. I have opened quite a few original American Locks that did not have that many security pins. That would be a major pain in the ass to pick. A “GOOD” quality lock indeed!!

Minimoncho says:

The hole in the back would be to mount a spring I think.

Yep, I know, 2 years later… 🙂

waddac2 says:

Looks like nasty pins in that. Could the hole on back of the plug be an extra drainage hole Bill?

Steve Kim says:

Is it just me or do Ace Hardware not stock these in their brick and mortars anymore?

BroadcastBuddy says:

Hole drilled on back of plug is for having a key retaining cylinder, you drive a roll pin in the hole and it will not allow removal of key when unlocked.

Lock Sport says:

The hole is to lube the cylinder

Ragingskull says:

I use this very model of lock for work. Downside is it doesn’t stand up to very much grit before it doesn’t want to open. A good soaking in water does get a lot of it out but you still have rust to deal with and that requires disassembly and cleaning

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