(79) Black Dog Locks = Poor Security but Good, Cheap Training


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Pick'n n Grin'n says:

Hi Bill,
Great advice. What pins do you use to pin these locks. Do the pins in a standard master lock pinning kit work? Are there other less expensive options?
I love this idea but I have to get the pins first.

MarkGards2 says:

That lock is a copy of the squire sp40

bosnianbill says:

Jim, your question deserves a good answer. I do not pick in Dr. lines, etc. I DO pick on long flights – but usually on a Abus disc detainer I’ve been trying to beat for two years. I find it gives me a chance to talk to my seatmate about locksport and explain it is relaxing, and consider it “mechanical suduku”, or a “puzzle” comparable to crosswords. I would never pick a lock I can “pop” repeatedly in public. THAT would raise questions and negate the puzzle explanation. A badge helps too…

Glen W. Ford says:

I don`t know what you`re locking up but here in Phx. at our homes for the average house hold Black Dog padlocks does the job just fine for our sheds and gates. In fact they with stood the weather for the last 3 years better than Brinks,Master Lock and yes-ABUS!!!!

Richard Grueber says:

I will keep an eye out for these.

VideoNOLA says:

Speaking of n00b questions (sorry for this one), where can I look up the laws pertaining to what lockpicking tools are legal to own and/or carry? I’ve always wanted to pursue this as a hobby (even have a collection of old locks ready to go) now that I’m retired, but want to do it right. Will I need to get a license of some kind (like one must for becoming a practicing private investigator)?
BTW, LOVE your videos, and have learned much theory over a lazy weekend. THANKS!

bosnianbill says:

Sure I do. It impresses women and intimidates men, so why not? Of course I’m a handsome devil compared to your ugly mug, so perhaps that’s the difference.

ry an says:

hey bill! short time subscriber here maybe few months, but I finally found some old windshield wiper blades lying around the house yesterday. I had made a tension wrench then stole my old lady’s bobby pins and grabbed a semi-old Guard lock. (reminder I’ve never picked in my life.) I simply watched your actions and trial and erred away 10 minutes and believe it or not I got it! not once, but 3 times! woke up this morning and I tried again… no dice. 30 minutes went by. found a old master no.3. I’ve invested 45 minutes to an hour in it and nothing. but I hear you always say you spend hours if not days picking one lock. what I’m getting at is I would like to just thank you for the general information on my new found hobby and the entertainment your videos bring me. (even if it’s you picking a dimple lock I didn’t even know existed.) Thanks again, Ryan!

Sunny Wu says:

if it’s made in China or South Asia it is probably made in a factory of slave labor who get paid $5 a month…

Pick'n n Grin'n says:

I’m trying to find a source for padlock security pins. Other than the master lock service kit which only has spools I can’t find another source. I’ve tried ebay, amazon and a general web search. Do you know of someplace I could buy these pins?
Thank you,

Krish Patel says:

may I have one

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