(80) Brinks R70 Maximum Security Disc Padlock SPP’d and Raked


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Rodger Long says:

I got one of these off a customers storage unit due to lost key. I have been picking it for a few days since I got my Peterson par bars. Anyway the I have yet to rake it but the bitting is pretty good. SPP works great. They are very hard to pick in the wild. I NEVER recommend these for outdoor use. I had one I had to drill as it would not pick. I finally got the shackle move just enough to remove it. I ended up “slicing” it in half. The whole inside was RUSTED. The shackle was fused to the bar just inside the left shackle hole. You can see the photo on my facebook business page. http://www.facebook.com/longslocksmithservice

Mikeykaysuper says:

I was able to pick the Uhaul version of this lock yesterday when I left my key behind .I am not an experienced lock picker and after watching some of your videos I bought a medium grade pick set and it took me about three seconds to open the lock.I first thought that the tension wrench slipped in the key way but than realized the lock was opened .This really saved me because I had locked up an old storage truck I bought and left the keys behind by mistake on a trip.I asked a local locksmith if he could open the lock but he didn’t want to try so I went out to the storage where the truck was parked and did it myself . Thanks for the videos this saved me a big bill and headache.

Chris Sargeant says:

hey bill , how do you zoom in and out while both your hands are busy picking?

Detman101 says:

Sonofabitch…how the heck did you get that thing to rake!?
I’ve been at it for over an hour now and the stupid thing won’t frickin budge!


Can i hire you for robberies?

Gene Eilebrecht says:

There is definitely a large variation in these locks. I have two of these, one Brinks branded and one Move N Store (both marked R70 and pretty much identical). The Move N Store version, I can get open both by zipping and single pin picking, though single pin is difficult due to lack of feedback. The Brinks is really difficult. I have never gotten it to open through any brute force or kinetic method, and I only got it once with single pin picking. That time was definitely luck, since I got zero feedback from the lock.

Bill makes everything look easy. But for your average Joe Schmoe, this can be a pretty secure lock if you get a good one.

alonzo valentine says:

I bought an even smaller version of this. I CAN NOT get this thing to open. I wonder if they’ve figured how to make that pick resistant wording mean something.

UnknownPlayr says:

I bought the R70 as my first lock to pick, tried for about a hour couldn’t figure it out but after watching i was able to get it open. Cant rake it yet but i will keep trying. The tension was the issue in my case.

Mark Lieber says:

who the hell dislikes these videos???

spearmintmonkey says:

So, what would you say is the most secure disk style lock to purchase and use? Thanks.

Jay H says:

I always look at the bitting of every available lock of the type I am looking at before buying a practice lock.

travis bickle says:

I had to laugh- this is the first lock i learned to pick on and you held it and picked it exactly the way i do.- I have no idea where the key is, I found it in a bucket at the storage place- it is pretty worthless for security

wb5mgr says:

Great for rifle targets though…

King Hong says:

What was the rake that you used

FFVison says:

Oh, man.  I got one of these several years ago and I had the hardest time getting it to bind.  I tried and tried for like half an hour and then I looked it up on a forum that I was frequenting and they mentioned the large amount of tension you had to place on it in order to get it to bind.  I just placed a crapload until it moved and picked it.  It was remarkably easy and I was shocked to learn that there were security pins in it.  This was the first lock I opened that had security pins aside from a fluke Master 140 which popped essentially by just placing the pick in, and bounce the wrench lightly once or twice.  I actually had a master discus lock (Master 40DPF or a variant) which was actually harder and didn’t have the massive spring messing things up.

clinton fisher says:

I bought one of these back when I first started. I can’t single pin pick (waiting on my clear lock) I just can’t seem to feel any real feedback so I’m working on it.

Anyways the tension really is the only thing going for this lock. It took me about 2 hours to get it with my city rake and that was just because of the tension never knew if I had to little or way to much.

One day I figured it out well and got it about 8 times in less then 5 mins then when I realized I should be paying attention to what feedback it’s giving me I totally lost the correct pressure.

Made the mistake of spraying some PB blaster in it and now the tension is like a hair trigger. The thing binds left and right now lol.

waddac2 says:

Another great video Bill, keep them coming mate :o))))

Detman101 says:

Frickin great…
I just started out at this again after a 15 year hiatus and have been punching walls because I can’t pick one of these. Nice to know now after watchign your video that there are damnable security pins in this lock. And it required so much darn force on the tension bar that my hand muscles were cramping up….ugh.

I’m too old for this bullcrap…

fred jackmeyer says:

I’ve picked the same and the larger through the hole in the back too haha. A little bit of patience n its surefire too.

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