[842] Picked in 2 Seconds! Amazon’s Choice “High Security Padlock”

Video 192 – Ifam Huno 80 vs. Chinese Copy: https://youtu.be/eOJc9OiRN5A


sgstair says:

I would be curious about whether the metal is even hardened and/or steel in this clone…

Glen Petherick says:

This is the Lock Picking Law-….”CLICK”. In any case that’s all I have for you today…….

Craydy says:

Is there actually a list/video of locks you like and which you think are worth to take? Because, isnt it in the end important whats good and not whats bad? Would like to know for reference if I ever need a lock.

HiperALFA says:

I would love to see a video or a series of videos about the history of locks and lock picking. I think it would be good content to show ancient locks and how locks improved over time. Love your videos btw.

Kasey Evans says:

My understanding is that the amazon choice flag just means amazon thinks the item will sell well and that it will make a lot of profit from that item. I definitely do not think amazon is trying to make any statement about the quality of the items it recommends. I think this is true of most retailers.

Retrobution says:

i bought one of these. and confirm it is junk. try this – one of those plastic housed slim craft knives (you know the ones you can snap the blades off that extend to about 3 inches) you can unlock this lock with one of these knives! have a try!

Andrew Tinker says:

I saw the video was longer than the typical two minute masturdlock video, so I was wondering… Then I see you picked it three times, and also took it apart.

Da Hai Zhu says:

I think Amazon’s basis for calling something ‘Amazon’s Choice’ is all on how many have sold and profit margin. Just my opinion

ugh says:

Amazon has a massive counterfeiting problem. Basically annoying can stick the right barcode on a product, ship it to Amazon and it’ll end up in their warehouse mixed *indistinguishably* (yes, to Amazon!) with the genuine article. It’s quite possible, in fact very likely, that there was or is a genuine product under that listing now swamped with counterfeits.

Jay Eff says:

As usual, you put out another good video! I love locks and learning how they work. I said in in another video how much I appreciate your work and how well you do it and although I cannot afford a really good set at the moment, I plan to in the near future.
If you have the time, shoot me an email and I would love to chat further and maybe ask a few questions. handymanjeremy at yahoo. Please consider helping a fan!
Awesome job! Keep up the good work!

Crashingplanes says:

Video title is clickbait, that lock was picked in way less than 2 seconds…

Arisa Kuhouin says:

This is why I don’t often buy much on Amazon.com, and this is one of those things I don’t buy!

Palindromemordnilap says:

It’s a bit like the news. You know how badly researched and written the articles on things you’re knowledgeable about seem to be? Well, the articles on the things you know jack about aren’t any better… Same with these recommendations.

oriolkim says:

mmm k.. I bought Amazon’s Choice lockpick set yesterday…

Big Chevy says:

That is one pos lock .maybe to lock up a rock lol

i blocked ads to watch this video says:

This doesn’t surprise me. Amazon has been compromised by millions of fake Chinese reviews. There is literally a business out there that will teach you how to submit tons of fake reviews in China to make sure your specific item skyrockets to the top of the list. You can’t trust Amazon reviews seriously anymore. That video about Chinese fake Amazon reviews is here on YouTube if you would like to watch

DabneyCollins says:

Amazon has been flooded with cheap Chinese garbage over the past few years. It really is a shame that they’re not doing anything about it.

luis fernando says:

Wizard of LOckZ

Shawana Washington says:

This is the same lock that Jeff Bezos uses on the front gate to his mansion.

Mr Awesome Shark says:


Jared says:

SNAKE! … Actually in this case, you can forget your CQC

D Sloop says:

What happened to your left hand? Did Bill’s cat get you?

Mark design says:

Amazon clearly says amazon choice is based on the number of returns and buyer satisfaction.

Evan Mclemore says:

It’s a good thing that high security is a myth, locks are to keep honest people honest, someone who actually wants into something WILL get in with physical access

Wizdomtrek says:

Question, k so I have a EL CHEAPO (although not to ME) Mountain Bike! Found a veritable shell, bought new Derailleurs, crankset, chain and rebuilt it, tuned it, my point being IT’S MINE, and I’d like to keep it that way! Bought a Sigtuna D lock/Flex Cable combo (16mm) for $27.00 all in (I’m into the bike for $100.00 not including this lock), so the question is GOOD CALL? 🙂

Labosco T says:

I believe the “Amazon Choice” is based upon Amazon’s sale vs return ratio. Makes sense that nobody would pay or drive somewhere to return a very cheap product.

Mads Voigt Hingelberg says:

Give the ok build quality of the lock, can the core be replaced with another core?

Tom Gimon says:

Eleven dislikes… from those who don’t understand the valuable service LPL provides.

CR S says:

Is it atleast actually “hardened”

Maniacal Michael says:

Amazon Choice, probably means “Products with Highest Profit Margin”

Bitclef says:

Where did you get that dimple rake from?

John says:

This isn’t the CQC The Boss spoke about.

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